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Amplify Streams enables you to augment your existing API infrastructure with an event-driven layer for publishing data from your APIs by making them available as real-time streams of events that can be consumed by web, mobile or any other applications. Go beyond the traditional request/response paradigm and limitations of this approach. Amplify Streams uses Server-Sent-Events in order to push data to subscribed clients.

  • Up to 90% reduction of cost of data sharing
  • Reduced onboarding time of new partners from 3 months to 3 hours
  • Significant decrease in bandwidth/network consumption
  • Enhanced UX experience for end user
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Amplify Streams SaaS Documentation

For developers to help get started

Amplify Streams: How it works

How to create a data stream for a realtime UX in less than one minute.

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Without Amplify Streams

Without AMPLIFY Streams

Every time a client wants a set of data, it needs to request it to the server and wait for the server response. That's polling.

With Amplify Streams

With AMPLIFY Streams

Instead of having to request data to the server every time, our proxy pushes data and data updates to the clients. 

Incremental updates

Replacing polling by push is not enough to minimize data consumption. That’s why Amplify Streams only pushes the portion of data that has changed.


Updates are pushed to the client using Server-Sent Events (SSE). By providing fallback mechanisms, Amplify Streams also works with older browsers.

API Cache

To reduce server load and latency, Amplify Streams has a built-in cache mechanism to broadcast events to all clients subscribed to the same topic.

Whitepaper: Navigating the new streaming API landscape

Amplify Streams: Capabilities


Versatile event hub

Amplify Streams offers a wide variety of publishers (http polling, http post, Kafka, Salesforce CometD) and subscribers (webhook, Kafka, server-sent events) with more being added regularly

API first, CI/CD-friendly

Amplify Streams is API-first and all features can be accessed through APIs for easy integration with CI/CD processes and tools

One catalog

Amplify Streams event endpoints are published in Amplify Catalog, giving you a single, unified catalog for event and non-event assets

Subscriber self-onboarding

Empower your subscriber to self-onboard and register using the APIs or Amplify Catalog

Secure events

Leverage the full power of API management to secure and apply policies to Amplify Streams APIs

Scalable architecture

A modern, microservices based architecture allows you to scale different components independently in response to your business needs

Flexible deployment

A containerized and automated deployment package allows you to deploy and run Amplify Streams in public clouds, private clouds, on-premises, or everywhere