EasiRun Europa GmbH

EasiRun is a European supplier of tools for application modernization and transformation, supporting digital transformation in companies where Axway solutions are critical parts and paths in hybrid environments.

With expertise in the areas of mainframe, Cloud, Java, Open Source, .NET and COBOL (Linux, UNIX, Windows) EasiRun focuses on Eclipse IDEs, COBOL compilers and transpilers, data management, web browser solutions, analysis, automation, integration and API Enablement of applications. EasiRun complements and extends Axway solutions. The complete solutions are relevant to very specific niches, enabling complex IT modernization, minimizing technical debt situations and are enabler and drivers of digital transformation.

Developed to ensure the sustainability and reusability of legacy applications, the project proven modern tools implemented by EasiRun assist in making IT landscapes manufacturer-independent and cost-effective. The wide range of consulting services cover the entire spectrum of the modernization of applications, application development and application execution.

Hear from our partner

"EasiRun's 40+ years experience in application and tools development, application modernization and transformation has enabled us to recognize both what is attainable as well as what is sustainable for IT projects. Ensuring that customers focus on achievable goals, requires providing solutions to reach them. Axway's solutions extend and enhance our ability to provide customers with what they really need, with reduced risk, sustainable processes and add value."

Donald Fitzgerald