Unleash the content.
Xenovus believes in the creative power of people, amplified by engagement and augmented by machine intelligence. Xenovus invents technologies that unlock knowledge across organizations, helping people work together naturally and securely. The product Backflipt empowers customer-facing staff to bring customers, internal teams and content together around the customer dialog.

The Xenovus team brings a strong track record of innovation. From high-performance storage networks to secure mobile access, employee productivity and scalable enterprise cloud platforms, our solutions have had far-reaching impact across industries and geographies.

Backflipt uses sophisticated machine learning and content vectorizing techniques to surface the content of interest for the user. Surfacing content is suggesting the relevant content by tracking the enterprise behavior, understanding the interests of the user and by knowing the effectiveness of the content.

The Synplicity by Axway and Backflipt partnership brings together AI and machine learning-based technology and Content Collaboration to enhance enterprise productivity and drive insightful engagement in the way a secure environment with the right policies for data protection should.

Hear from our partner

"When you talk to your customers, you are always looking for some key things that they're expecting. One would be about increasing productivity, emulating the best practices that exist within the enterprise, and then they also want to drive the content consumption."

Srini Gargeya
VP Business Development at Backflipt