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Etude Axway : la situation actuelle des entreprises en termes de stratégies de gouvernance et de Marketplace d’API

Global Security Mag |
Axway unveils its research on Marketplaces: "API exposure strategy and governance," conducted in collaboration with the…

A new Payment Services Directive, PSD3: what’s in it?

The Finanser |
Independent financial markets commentator Chris Skinner shares Axway Catalyst Emmanuel Methivier's insights on what to…

From screen scraping to open banking

BAI Banking Strategies |
Laurent Van Huffel writes that an innovative approach to financial data sharing offers banks greater security,…

Opinion | "La DSP2 est morte, vive la DSP3 !"

Finyear |
Axway's Emmanuel Méthivier muses on whether PSD3 will finally live up to the spirit of PSD2 and discusses the future of…

The Power of Culture and Talent in B2B Companies

JustB2B Leaders Podcast |
EMEA General Manager Yves Lajouanie shares his thoughts on the importance of aligning Culture and Talent in B2B…

Prospective : Que vont devenir nos banques si ChatGPT devient mon conseiller bancaire ?

Assurance & Banque 2.0 |
Catalyst Emmanuel Methivier asks, what will happen to our banks if ChatGPT becomes my bank advisor?

How many jobs are available in technology in the US?

Computer World |
Vince Padua discusses why 86% of IT leaders expect an expertise gap increase in coming years.

[LISTEN] Has Your Team Solved These 3 Common API Challenges? feat. Brian Otten

API Intersection Podcast |
Catalyst Brian Otten shares some of the most common challenges he helps advise API teams through.

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