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Quick Study: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Information Week |
A snapshot of why DEI matters and how companies are addressing it.

E-commerce : comment bien utiliser les API des réseaux sociaux jusqu’à l'achat

Mourad Jaakou explains how to make the best use of APIs throughout the buying journey.

Commerzbank enables truly customer-centric services

Intelligent CIO |
With Axway, one of Germany’s leading banks has reimagined its banking workflows from the perspective of the end…

Données de santé : les Français sont-ils résignés… ou laxistes ?

Comarketing News |
An Axway study finds more than 80% of French people are convinced that their healthcare data is not well protected.

88% dos brasileiros são favoráveis ao compartilhamento de dados na Saúde

Saúde Business |
Axway study shows 88% of Brazilians are in favor of data sharing in healthcare.

Securing APIs as the Driving Force for the Digital Economy

eWeek UK |
Liad Bokovsky offers security advice to leverage APIs while avoiding potential risks.

APIs for the Right Business Case

APIs over IPAs Podcast |
Catalyst Erik Wilde explains what APIs to build for the right business case.

Management and Strategic Decision Making Improved With Axway’s Axway Financial Accounting Hub

The Fintech Times |
Axway launches one of the most advanced and scalable offerings on the market today.

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