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Donner un nouveau souffle à son IT avec les API

WATCH: Interview on the value of APIs with Axway Catalyst Emmanuel Méthivier and Jean-Noël Veyrat (Head of API…

From state to platform state: the benefits of APIs

Journal du net |
7 years after the Law for a Digital Republic (Loi Lemaire), and 1 year after government announcements on the need to…

De l'État à l'État-plateforme : de l'intérêt des API

Journal du net |
Axway's Christian Cagnol writes about the benefits of APIs: from state to platform state.

Consumers want their data to be treated with more care

IT Online |
In an Axway survey, consumers reveal how they expect their personal data to be shared and secured – and companies…

Etude Axway : la situation actuelle des entreprises en termes de stratégies de gouvernance et de Marketplace d’API

Global Security Mag |
Axway unveils its research on Marketplaces: "API exposure strategy and governance," conducted in collaboration with the…

A new Payment Services Directive, PSD3: what’s in it?

The Finanser |
Independent financial markets commentator Chris Skinner shares Axway Catalyst Emmanuel Methivier's insights on what to…

From screen scraping to open banking

BAI Banking Strategies |
Laurent Van Huffel writes that an innovative approach to financial data sharing offers banks greater security,…

Opinion | "La DSP2 est morte, vive la DSP3 !"

Finyear |
Axway's Emmanuel Méthivier muses on whether PSD3 will finally live up to the spirit of PSD2 and discusses the future of…

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