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Axway: Blockchain and the future of business platforms

The FinTech Times | June 22, 2021
In an increasingly digitized society, businesses must continuously innovate their platforms.

Consumers want transparency in how orgs handle their data

Venturebeat | June 21, 2021
A study from API management Axway found that 82% of Americans wish they knew what specific data companies have collected about them.

Axway survey finds consumers frequently have concerns about the privacy and security of their data | June 3, 2021
Companies have an opportunity to build seamless digital experiences from a foundation of trust

Axway debates the future of the financial system at 'Open Banking Week'

Channel 360 | June 2, 2021
Axway experts address the main challenges and solutions for implementing the system in Brazil

What if the future of the economy came via the platform model?

Journal du net | May 31, 2021
Axway’s Emmanuel Methivier discusses the transformative power of APIs and the platform model

Major components of successful project management

iFour Technolab | May 18, 2021
Vince Stammegna, Senior Director of Engineering, SaaS, discusses

Why API Platforms should be open

Nordic APIs | May 12, 2021
Presentation by Axway Catalyst Erik Wilde

Zero Trust: Moving from perimeter security to API-layer, continuous authentication

VMBlog | May 11, 2021
Axway’s Francois Lascelles discusses

Most U.S. consumers are concerned about app privacy: Study

Media Post | May 7, 2021
Axway survey shows consumers are nervous about their privacy

Transformation, disruption, and gender diversity in tech

Information Week | May 6, 2021
Journalist Joao-Pierre Ruth describes Axway Summit panelists’ thoughts on diversity in the workforce

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