Axway WideVision Service Health Check

Gain real-time visibility into services usability and SLA status


Business services are supported by more and more complex IT architectures, making it difficult to estimate the real business impact of a technical issue.

Axway WideVision Service Health Check centralizes, measures and correlates KPIs to assess the current usability of services as the end-user perceives it. The root-cause feature helps you identify the origin of the problem so you can provide precise answers to customers and communicate clearly with IT specialists. Service assessments utilize diverse data including component availability, response time, process time, data volume, exchange rate, batches and query checks.

Axway WideVision Service Health Check Key Capabilities

Measure the business impact of technical incidents in real time

Real-time situation assessment and analysis of service KPIs enables IT production and operations managers to immediately identify:

  • Which clients are impacted (all or only one branch) 
  • Which domains are affected (function availability, response time, data updates, data consistency, unusual activity, etc.) 

Proactively manage quality of service

  • Detect precursory signs of issues before end-users experience service degradation to reduce correction time and increase customer satisfaction
  • Analyze trends to anticipate degradations

Mitigate risk to SLAs

  • Keep a close watch on SLA commitments regarding number of incidents, service availability and performance
  • Use internal assessments to set achievable SLA targets and ensure that they can automatically be measured

Communicate transparently and promote a positive image of IT production

  • Present information in a language that business teams can easily understand 
  • Communicate the quality and value of IT to management and business decision makers

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