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Axway Track & Trace manages serialized and non-serialized product events, and makes it easy to give your internal and external trusted parties access to product identification, location, serialization and event data at any point in the delivery supply chain.

Built on an EPC Information Services (EPCIS), GS1 EPCglobal-certified standards-based framework, Track & Trace provides end-to-end transparency, logistics management and product ID verification services you need to optimize all of your track-and-trace initiatives.

Axway Track & Trace Key Capabilities

Ensure global regulatory compliance

Axway Track & Trace can help you address the complexity of complying with regulations across multiple countries. For example, you can use it to:

  • Comply with reporting and serialization requirements outlined in the U.S. Federal Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA)
  • Associate and manage product master data, serialized events and distribution channel events
  • Capture aggregations and change-of-ownership and de-commissioning events to provide a complete picture of the product lifecycle
  • Automate extraction and data transformation to meet country-specific reporting requirements
  • Access a clear history of previously reported events
  • Transmit compliance reports to partners or regulatory authorities with guaranteed delivery

Manage serialization across multiple sites

Whether you are implementing barcodes or RFID tagging, the process of generating unique serial numbers across multiple manufacturing sites can be tricky.

Axway Track & Trace manages the lifecycle events of products as they move through your extended supply chain, making it much easier to manage serial numbers across multiple facilities. With a single framework for serial number management, you can:

  • Ensure the uniqueness of serial numbers at the pallet, case, and/or unit level. Track & Trace assigns serial number ranges to manufacturing lines or facilities and generates an initialization (commissioning) event. Central management of serial numbers ensures non-repudiation across multiple lines or facilities/plants
  • Support multiple serial number formats, including GTIN and SSCC
  • Manage multiple printing solutions by integrating Track & Trace with line management systems or off-line labeling systems

Identify counterfeit products

To ensure public safety and protect your brand, you need to be able to quickly identify counterfeit products.

Track & Trace simplifies the process by enabling you to create a central database that contains all your serial number and search capabilities with key status information (valid, invalid, unknown).

You can then use the database to offer product ID verification web services to enrich existing customer-facing, internal or partner web applications. For example, you can provide a web service that allows internal and external trusted parties (including lines of business, partners, customers and regulators) to access product identification, location, status, and event data at any point in the supply chain. User-friendly entry of serial number and/or GTIN facilitates adoption.

Detect product diversion

While your channel partners have a clear responsibility to adhere to the terms and conditions of your partner programs, the burden of enforcing them ultimately falls on you. Axway Track & Trace can help protect your profits and brand equity by detecting potential “gray market” product diversion.

It offers a centralized framework for managing serialized product and channel information, and aggregates product lifecycle events from multiple sources (including disparate internal systems and channel partner sales data) to provide a single source of actionable intelligence for channel managers. For example, you can use Track & Trace to support field investigations by providing remote query access to validate product identification and authorized sales channels using a serial number or a combination of criteria that identifies the product.

Track & Trace can also integrate with your order and customer management systems, so managers can track channel performance against supply policies to quickly detect anomalies.

Implement an event repository with built-in master data

With Axway Track & Trace, you get a solution certified to meet both the GS1 Electronic Product Code Information Systems (EPCIS) standard and the Document-Based Pedigree (DPMS) standard. You can use it to:

  • Create a highly scalable event repository to support huge volumes of serialized events 
  • Automatically enrich events with meaningful business attributes 
  • Provide an EPC-certified interface to EPCIS-ready applications and partners (web services, AS2, JMS) 
  • Maximize the business agility and enrichment of your repository structure over time 
  • Connect to third-party EPCIS event repositories

Monitor order variability to eliminate diversion, parallel trade and forward-buying

Using Axway Track & Trace, you can forward movement of items through specified stages of the extended supply chain, and trace the history of products, shipments, reusable transport items, etc. 

Monitor and verify chargebacks and returns

Chargeback transactions can represent upwards of 50 percent of contracted sales that go through wholesalers, so they require special attention. Axway Track & Trace helps manufacturers consistently and effectively identify and resolve issues in submitted chargeback data.

  • Error codes can be classified as critical/fatal to informational
  • Errors are dependent on information stored in the manufacturer’s contracting system
  • Action taken by manufacturer is individually defined:
    • Codes don’t account for submission accuracy/completeness through cross validation
    • Codes don’t account for manufacturer-specific business rules and tolerances

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