Managed File Transfer Solutions

MFT. Short for new business opportunities.

With the innovative possibilities of the cloud, enterprises are rethinking MFT from the ground up.

For eons, managed file transfer has done the heavy lifting of digital file exchange, with IT shouldering the pressure of handling growing volumes and sizes. Now, business managers can seize on MFT to reduce costs, improve compliance, and open new revenue streams using the cloud and big data.

A cloud-based digital infrastructure lets you manage file flows between applications, people and devices from a central place – and align specific file transfer definitions with distinct business goals to drive growth.

With MFT in the cloud, you can generate a ton of innovation and growth while going light on technical expertise.

Let’s get started.
If you need to...So your company can...Axway can help.
Build a secure and agile data integration infrastructure by combining API, MFT and B2B into shared services
  • Use Axway’s MFT solutions to leverage existing assets to preserve past investment and be ready for a digital future
  • Secure existing integration services and leverage them for maximum efficiency
  • Ensure real-time, end-to-end visibility into all data streams for better decision-making
  • Establish a multi-channel, omnipresent business model to reach consumers wherever they are
  • Inspire greater engagement among partners, suppliers and others in your trading community
Centrally manage all file transfers, simply onboarding, and integrate new applications with little IT expertise
  • Mitigate business risk and meet SLAs with on-time file delivery
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory mandates and internal security policies
  • Protect the business from data breaches and process interruptions
  • Increase operational efficiency by managing file flows as a shared service thanks to the proper MFT server
Provide a secure and governed alternative to consumer-grade, cloud-based file sharing
  • Use one complete solution to govern all enterprise MFT patterns, including EFSS (Enterprise File Sharing and Synchronization
  • Eliminate the use of risky file-sharing services and enable secure BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) initiatives
  • Apply enterprise security policies to person-to-person file sharing without the need for IT support or requiring people to change the way they work
Speed synchronization of file-based data with cloud and big data storage platforms
  • Accelerate file transfer and overcome network latency
  • Guarantee fast delivery of big data systems
  • Leverage your existing file flow infrastructure to support big data initiatives

Discover how a cloud-based digital infrastructure helps you uncover the business opportunities that will define your future.