IT Operations Management

Make IT operations good for business.


Having IT tuned in to SLA performance and enterprise goals optimizes resources and boosts ROI.

Competing in the future requires a one-two punch combination. By aligning on-premise and cloud-based IT efforts with C-level and line-of-business plans for growth, you’ll improve operational efficiency, resource allocation and forecasting accuracy – all while minimizing costs.

With Axway IT OpsVision Suite, IT and business teams share a purpose-oriented view of SLAs and resources so that companies can orchestrate and execute bottom-line efforts and DevOps processes in a scalable and secure way. It lets you manage alerts and anticipate resources and services according to business priorities so you can better predict future company needs – long term, short term and anywhere in between.

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Gain real-time visibility into the services provided to business
  • Continuously assess global service operations and potential SLA impacts
  • Improve communication between IT and business teams
  • Detect and remedy service degradations before problems occur
Optimize management of IT resources
  • Avoid duplication, under-utilization and waste
  • Support transformation projects, including downsizing, virtualization, consolidation and cloud initiatives
  • Communicate objectively with internal customers and outsourcers
Anticipate future business needs
  • Improve IT provisioning through service-oriented capacity planning
  • Accurately forecast budgets according to business demand
Control performance of infrastructure and applications
  • Identify performance issues
  • Analyze current and recent-past performance in detail
  • Reduce incident-resolution time through multi-platform correlation
Communicate objectively with management, internal clients and outsourcers
  • Focus on decision making instead of debating the accuracy of data with management and clients
  • Provide independent and consistent reporting to management and clients based on facts
  • Control budget and financial information
Manage alerts according to business priorities from a central point of view
  • Gain instant, overall visibility into how technical issues are impacting business operations in order to respect SLA
  • Quickly identify the root-cause of a problem
  • Reduce the number of incidents
Automate workloads on multi-operating system platforms
  • Accelerate delivery of business and IT processes
  • Consolidate and secure business-critical IT processes
  • Reduce the complexity and costs of IT operations through cross-platform and cross-operating system coverage
  • Mitigate risk across business and IT processes


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