Axway Central Governance

Manage the end-to-end lifecycle of every data flow for ultimate business performance

Instead of focusing on just the technical aspects of a file transfer or partner connection, Axway Central Governance secures, manages, monitors and measures the end-to-end data flows that drive business interactions. Who are the entities involved? What data is exchanged? How do the processes and connections work?

Your specific business requirements are captured in data flow definitions stored in a central repository. When a flow is deployed, Central Governance automatically configures the middleware components participating in its execution.

Because it oversees the complete data flow lifecycle, Central Governance provides a unique source of business and IT truth for your entire organization.

Axway Central Governance Key Capabilities

Align your MFT infrastructure with your business requirements using a central data flow repository

Axway Central Governance provides a dynamic data flow repository for defining and managing end-to-end flow definitions — from business-application level to infrastructure level. You can use it to:

  • Create data flow definitions based on your business requirements
  • Automatically configure the associated middleware components in minutes and without risk of deviation from the business requirements
  • Gain a single source of truth for rapid and accurate change control, auditing, monitoring and alerting
  • Ensure that corporate policies are properly applied on all the components of your MFT infrastructure

Monitor and analyze data flows at both business and technical levels to ensure that interactions happen as you have defined them

Axway Central Governance ensures the flows are aligned with business process execution.

  • IT staff can use subscription-based alerts for real-time identification and tracking of problems linked to components or data-flow processing.
  • Business manager can use the intuitive dashboards with data flow analytics to monitor and manage processes across the entire Axway infrastructure

Leverage and enforce security policies across your entire MFT infrastructure

You can centrally manage security policies to ensure consistency in deployments on all the components of your MFT infrastructure. For example, you can apply a specific policy, such as the pre-requisites in terms of security of exchanges, to any group of components. 

Centrally manage the lifecycle for access rights, identities and certificates

Axway Central Governance leverages your enterprise directory to manage the rights and identities associated with your file transfers. It also manages the lifecycle of the certificates associated with Axway components, and automatically renews certificates before they expire.  

Easily populate the data flow repository

To help your organization quickly build and maintain an up-to-date repository, Axway Central Governance comes with:

  • APIs that interact with your CMDB (Configuration Management Database) addressing applications-related information
  • Easy linking to your enterprise directory
  • Automatic and dynamic capture of the configuration of governed components

Centralize operations for all Axway components

From the console you can list, check the status, start, stop, upgrade and patch connected governed components individually or by group. 

Provide each user with a persona-based interface

  • The functionality of the user interface is determined by the needs and access rights assigned to specific roles.
  • A public REST API makes it easy to integrate functions with the user's environment.

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