Data Sheet: Axway Syncplicity DataHub

Connect content systems across the enterprise and speed migration of unstructured data automatically

Compose a digital workplace quickly and easily today and tomorrow

Meet the challenges of today’s digital workplace by unlocking all your valuable data stored in corporate systems. With Axway Syncplicity DataHub you can migrate or connect to data whether it’s on legacy storage systems, enterprise content management (ECM) or a cloud storage service. With centralized access to all your data from anywhere, on any device, you have a clear path to the digital workplace of tomorrow.

Migrate, copy and sync files with zero coding involved

The abundance of cloud storage and SaaS apps means your sensitive corporate files may no longer be in the data center you control. A key to modernizing infrastructure is being able to move or connect to digital files across the enterprise whether on premises or in the cloud. Then you can start removing data silos and giving employees anywhere, anytime desktop and mobile access to all their digital files without changing the way they work. Syncplicity DataHub is an agile solution for migrating and connecting to over 30 data sources, from legacy file shares, ECM systems, to cloud-based enterprise file sync and share solutions.

“A key imperative to meet the demands of the digital workforce is infrastructure modernization, forcing IT planners to replace legacy systems or integrate old data repositories with enterprise file sync and share services.”

Gartner Research

DataHub is easily configured (zero coding) to automatically migrate, copy and bi-directionally synchronize files between these systems and Syncplicity StorageVaults located in public cloud, private cloud or on-premises storage.

With DataHub, your IT team can:

  • Ensure the integrity of folder structures, metadata, permission and document versions when migrating.
  • Set granular filters on what files are included in the migration, allowing the exclusion of unwanted content, whether it’s a file type employees are storing on file shares that violate IT policies or outdated files that can then be archived to off-premises clouds like Amazon S3. Identify, collect and preserve data to be exported in bulk from any of the supported systems as part of the EDRM workflow.

Predictable results through consolidation

Syncplicity’s SaaS-based architecture consolidates file storage. Instead of using hundreds of distributed file servers with attached network drives, storage can be merged into just a few regional locations. Syncplicity StorageVaults can leverage new, much cheaper, software-defined object storage. Letting you do away with antiquated network attached storage (NAS). As a powerful middleware technology, it handles extremely large volumes of content – even the petabytes of documents stored on file servers within large enterprises.

Granular, flexible scheduling at your fingertips

Using the DataHub console, administrators can set up and schedule jobs to move, copy or sync files between on-premises or cloud based systems and Syncplicity – all while automatically managing naming requirements, security and permission models.

Bandwidth friendly and intelligent

Schedule jobs to run daily, hourly or at a predefined time (such as a Saturday after midnight). Time zones can be managed so migrations stop during business hours. You can easily dial up or dial down to control bandwidth consumption.

Retain file and folder access permissions

Preserve access control lists (ACLs) and permissions between disparate access control models while transferring content across storage platforms to preserve equal levels of control for compliance and authenticity requirements.

Stay on top of your migrations

Run pre-migration reports to determine conflicts ahead of time and schedule your migrations during off-hours. Run post-migration reports to complete your audit trail and notify administrators or support staff.

Migrate, copy or sync legacy home directories or team shares

  • Installs on your servers, behind your firewall, under your custody and control
  • No coding needed
  • Permissions mapping
  • User mapping
  • Home-drive mapping
  • Group folder mapping
  • Controllable thread writes
  • Controllable bandwidth usage
  • Auto folder-group mapping
  • Folder inclusion/exclusion
  • Pattern matching
  • Convention creation
  • Exception controls
  • Metadata filters
  • Filter by file type
  • Filter by date/date range
  • SFTP

Supported source systems:

Network File Shares (NFS, SAN, NAS)
SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016
SharePoint BPOS, BPOS-D
IBM FileNet P8 (Case Manager)
Office 365
OpenText Content Management Server
Oracle WebCenter
CMIS Systems
Desktop PC
Autodesk BIM 360 Field
Citrix Sharefile
Dropbox for Business
Google Suite/Google Drive
OneDrive for Business
Amazon S3

Supported target systems:

Network File Shares (NFS, SAN, NAS)
SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016
SharePoint BPOS, BPOS-D
IBM FileNet P8 (Case Manager) OpenText
Oracle WebCenter
CMIS Systems
Desktop PC
Amazon S3

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