"The major advantage of Syncplicity is that I can send an invitation to my client or partner, and he or she can access files stored on my infrastructure right away. The security within Syncplicity ensures that there is zero possibility that an unauthorized person can reach sensitive data."


set-up of secure file shares with third-party users


users protected from unauthorized access


sensitive data

Case study details

Sopra Steria designs, develops, and delivers technology solutions for enterprises and institutions throughout Europe. To work efficiently with colleagues and external partners, Sopra Steria employees often need to share corporate files and other data. Naturally, security is a key concern, as is access to reliable, easy-to-use collaboration and sharing tools. When new use cases emerged that required a faster set-up of shared spaces than was possible with the company’s existing solution, Sopra Steria turned to Syncplicity as a way to enable rapid, secure sharing of information resources.

How could Sopra Steria provide rapid, reliable, and secure access to vital data for both employees and partners?

Enables rapid set-up of secure file shares with third-party users, protected from unauthorized access, using on-premises data storage.