"Since we have so many government clients, it goes without saying that our business strategy should respond to their requirements. But also for our B2B relations, the European e-invoicing standard is more and more the preferred way of working. We honestly believe it has nothing but advantages."


e-invoicing for  EU manufacturers

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AVA to surpass competitors 

Case study details

AVA is an international manufacturing and sales company with 500+ employees. The company makes more than 15,000 different products (paperware and much more) available in 50 specialized web shops and retail shops in Belgium and Luxembourg. Over 5,000 professional clients get supplies through the AVA Pro sales channel. AVA also exports to seven countries, which accounts for 50 percent of its production.

AVA needed a better way to efficiently process purchase invoices from thousands of suppliers. In addition, they needed to meet the requirements of their government and industry clients for standardized electronic invoicing.

  • Adopted UBL, Peppol e-invoicing to meet government and industry standards
  • Delivered flexible standard-based support for government and fintech clients in multiple countries
  • Improved efficiency through automation of accounting workflows

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