Letter from the Chairman of the Board

“In the exercise of our business, business ethics is the primary requirement of our daily action.

Beyond the prevailing trends, our role is to guide our customers in their choices and support them in their major transformation projects, by building on the ethical principles and values that characterize us. Axway’s women and men in 22 multi-cultural countries share the values of teamwork, progress, trust, a taste for innovation, excellence and service.”

Axway’s Code of Ethics is part of an approach of transparency, fairness and loyalty with all of our stakeholders: customers, employees, shareholders, partners, suppliers and civil society actors.

The Code of Ethics defines the rules that any Axway Group company and any outside and / or temporary employee and partners must respect, both in their behavior internally and towards individuals and companies in their professional relations. It also defines the alert procedures put in place in case of non-compliance with these rules.

We make sure that our anti-corruption rules are known to all third parties with whom we interact. It is in the spirit of excellence that Axway has been built and developed and it is with this objective that our Group will continue to build relationships with all of its stakeholders.”

Pierre Pasquier
Chairman of the Board