The Catalyst mission:

Catalyst is word that gets used frequently, but to mean something, a catalyst must induce change at the chemical level.  Surface level, appearance changes do not count. In enterprise technology, a catalyst is a trusted advisor, helping clients to transform their organization, architecture, and business.  We help people make good decisions.  We help companies emerge from the chemical disruption that is occurring both inside and outside their organization.

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Brian Pagano, Chief Catalyst

Mountain View, CA

Brian is Chief Catalyst and a Senior Director at Axway. Previously he was Global Platform Strategist at Google and was VP of Digital Success at Apigee. Brian worked for years as a technology executive on Wall Street and was a CTO in Italy. He combines a lifelong passion for technology with experience working with some of the world’s top brands, helping them to both modernize and transform.

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Brian Otten

Omaha, NE

Brian has been partnering with large enterprises for over 20 years in guiding strategy, adoption and execution of business technology transformation and change. Previously with companies including Cisco, Bank of America, Barclays and digitalML, he now helps Axway customers match their vision to adopt, execute and grow innovative, data-driven platforms using state-of-the-art building blocks for API Management, data integration, and analytics.

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Uli Hitzel


Uli has been working with data engineering & distributed systems since the early days of the internet. Previously with companies including Microsoft, Red Hat, Yahoo! and IBM, he now helps Axway customers create innovative, data-driven platforms using state-of-the-art building blocks for API Management, data integration, and analytics.

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Emmelyn Wang

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Emmelyn Wang is an API Strategist at Axway, whose background includes developer community engagement, working on API product teams building APIs for internal and external stakeholders, and supporting partners integrating with APIs. She has also led technical marketing teams creating engineering-focused content to innovate in both software and hardware. 

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John Wiese

Timnath, CO

John has 7 years of experience as a client-facing API management architect and practice leader. Supports customers with agile methodologies, quality, enterprise architecture, identity and access management, cloud and container technologies, and continuous integration. Implements end-to-end API solutions with clients with deeply technical engineering knowledge and empathetic results driven approach.

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David Morgan

Kerry, Ireland

David has over 20 years of experience solving technical problems and improving culture at large enterprises. He has spent 15 years at Axway in many different countries and roles. David is now helping Axway customers by sharing that expertise in guiding API strategy, adoption, change, and the execution of digital transformation.

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Kay Lummitsch

Zurich, Switzerland

Kay has been a submarine navigator, a seaman on trading ships, shipbuilder, a sports teacher, and passionate software engineer for many years before he became a professional coach and dedicated his life to organizational change towards Digital. He led the Swisscom API Program for more than four years and built a vibrant network of international programs.