The acclaim belongs to our customers. The honor is all ours.


We’re honored to help make the great things our customer do possible, but they’re the ones who make things happen. We think that’s cause for celebration.

Recognizing achievement in digital transformation, innovation, and visionary excellence, the Axway Excellence Awards allow us to show our appreciation for companies that deliver brilliant digital experiences and exceptional outcomes for their customers around the world.

If you have a compelling story of how your Axway products have helped generate tangible business results in the last year, we want to hear it. You could be recognized as an award winner in 2024.

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Winning an Axway Excellence Award has its privileges.

To be eligible to win an Axway Excellence Award, you must:

  • Be a current Axway customer
  • Be live on product with at least six months of use
  • Have a compelling transformation story

Axway Transformation Excellence Award

  • This category recognizes customers who have successfully transformed their business with the help of Axway solutions.
  • Winners will have shown success by expanding their range of products or services, resulting in significant improvements within their organization.
  • Winners will have gone above and beyond to transform their business demands.
  • The award centers around:
    • Transforming internal outcomes by improving and optimizing internal processes and results
    • Achieving goals and business results – highlighting how your utilization of Axway has played a role in reaching those goals and driving growth
    • Meeting demands – address the demands and challenges your business faces
    • Ensuring smooth business operations: how you are keeping your organizations operations running seamlessly


Axway Innovation Excellence Award

  • This category recognizes customers who have raised the standard in delivering engaging, cohesive, and innovative customer experiences.
  • These customers have harnessed the power of Axway solutions to achieve remarkable business growth and enhance customer relationships.
  • Winners will have gone the extra mile to provide exciting and unified experiences to their customers, resulting in extraordinary outcomes.
  • The award centers around:
    • Meeting customer demands: recognizing the ability to meet and exceed the expectations and needs of your customers
    • Achieving business growth and customer engagement – highlight your success in achieving growth within your organization and strengthening customer relationships by offering captivating and fruitful experiences


Axway Visionary Excellence Award

  • This category celebrates customers who have harnessed the power of data and technology to turn a vision of what's possible into a reality. It highlights the importance of leveraging modern data integration technology to inspire the future of business.
  • The award centers around:
    • Showing exceptional innovation in technology and leveraging it to achieve remarkable business outcomes
    • Adopting technology solutions that have propelled the company forward as visionaries, resulting in measurably success
    • Achieving data-driven business results by recognizing the ability to drive positive outcomes through effective data utilization
    • Providing a secure space for customer data management by harnessing Axway solutions
    • Adopting and integrating new solutions
  • Personalized trophy
  • Digital promotion
  • Press and social media recognition (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • A video or written presentation of your story to increase brand recognition
  • Axway swag bag

Meet the EMEA judging panel

Liad Bokovsky
Liad Bokovsky
VP, Pre-Sales Consulting at Axway

As a technologist specialising in digital transformation, Liad guides teams and organisations in integrating digital technology across their business. He focuses on enhancing operational efficiency and customer value, facilitating the technological, business and cultural shifts needed for successful digital transformation projects and initiatives.

Liad Bokovsky Linkedin
Louise England
Louise England
Director, Customer Success EMEA at Axway

Lou’s objective is to ensure our valued customers successfully achieve their business outcomes through their collaboration and partnership with Axway. Building these trusted relationships at all levels is our day-to-day business and what everyone in customer success is passionate about.

Louise England Linkedin
Roland Royer
Roland Royer
Chief Customer Officer at Axway

Focused on serving the client, Roland works to deliver customer programs that continuously improve collaboration and attainment of customer business outcomes and loyalty. Roland has been with the company for more than 20 years serving in a number of corporate and field-based roles.

Roland Royer Linkedin
Katharina Haack
Katharina Haack
Product Owner API Strategy & Governance, Commerzbank AG

By supporting and enabling internal as well as external partner and setting up an API governance, Katharina and her team are paving the way for innovative solutions in open banking.

Katharina Haack Linkedin
Dr. Nils Olaya Fonstad
Dr. Nils Olaya Fonstad
Academic Research Fellow, MIT Center for Information Systems Research

Nils leads research on how organizations realize more strategic value faster from a diverse portfolio of digital innovation initiatives. Using in-depth, multi-year, qualitative and survey data, he identifies what investments and innovation practices distinguish top performing organizations.

Dr. Nils Olaya Fonstad Linkedin

Nomination and winner selection process


Selection of winners

This awards program is open to all customers who have been actively engaged with an Axway solution for at least 6 months. As a customer, you can self-nominate or a member of Axway Sales and Customer Service teams can nominate for you, with your approval.

Entries will be selected at the sole discretion of the judging panel and winners will be announced during EMEA Summit 2024.

Axway, at their sole discretion, may select fewer or more winners. In the event of a tie, it may be broken by an additional judge based on adherence to criteria selected above. Winners must agree to the eligibility terms stated in the submission form. Nominations are open now through April 19th, 2024.

Submitting your nomination

Nominations are open now through April 19th, 2024.
To nominate your company for the Axway Excellence Awards, EMEA, fill out the form below.


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