More than a million users across the US Department of Defense and civilian agencies rely on Axway software for real-time validation of digital certificates, including certificates stored on CAC cards, PIV cards and in software.

While organizations that have a small digital certificate footprint can simply use the operating system to parse through a Certificate Revocation List (CRL) to determine a certificate’s validity status, that same process won’t work in organizations that have a large certificate footprint – because the CRLs are so huge that parsing through them results in unacceptable latency. The solution is to transform (“pre-compute”) the CRL data into an OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol) database – where the certificate lookup will be much faster. The Axway Validation Authority (VA) software suite not only provides this important capability, but also is virtually out-of-the-box-ready to work with DOD and other Federal Government Certificate Authorities.