Build an agile Integration Foundation

Free your DevOps team to create digital experiences faster

  • Leverage existing assets to preserve past investments and be ready for a digital future
  • Secure and leverage existing integration services for maximum efficiency
  • Ensure real-time, end-to-end visibility into all data streams for better decision-making
  • Establish a multi-channel, omnipresent business model to reach consumers wherever they are
  • Inspire greater engagement among partners, suppliers, and others in your trading community

Consumers expect to engage with your company whenever and wherever they want, on their terms. A secure, scalable integration infrastructure will free your DevOps team to create captivating, omnipresent experiences at speeds that meet the need to please.

Axway can help you implement an agile integration foundation that accelerates your development cycles and lets you collaborate with your trading community in real time. And by applying next-gen data layers, you can combine your rigid, siloed data streams into a single, manageable system that’s more efficient and affordable.  

Axway can help.

Axway gets you ready for digital business by helping you implement a powerful shared services IT model that leverages your existing IT systems to accelerate your digital transformation. And by applying next-generation data layers, we combine your rigid, siloed data streams into a single, manageable integration foundation that boosts operational efficiency and cuts costs big time.

How does the solution work?

Make your infrastructure more agile as soon as possible, sync your IT and corporate functions to pursue common business goals, and create an immersive, personalized, always-on experience for your customers.

  • Leverage APIs to accelerate business innovation. APIs act as the glue for digital business. AMPLIFY API Management simplifies control and security of the API-based integration layer, enabling quick adoption of the cloud without creating new silos, and ensuring data security at the edge of the enterprise while exposing APIs to project business capabilities.
  • Set up shared services using existing assets. By adopting an MFT as a shared service business model, you can simplify data transfer processes and make it easier for applications and partners to consume data transactions. This reduces costs, shortens time-to-market for new services, and lowers the level of expertise required.
  • Consolidate multi-channel B2B for visibility. Merging multi-channel B2B data flow consisting of APIs and EDI into a single solution improves security and visibility. It also allows B2B exchanges to be conducted seamlessly through self-service portals and mobile apps, and accelerates the partner on-boarding process. 

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