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Grow new digital services by empowering your operations teams to make faster, data-driven decisions

As digital transformation sweeps across every industry, enterprises are discovering that APIs, mobile apps and the Internet of Things are powerful portals to new revenue and partnering opportunities. Digital engagement with an expanding ecosystem of partners and consumers is spawning exciting new business models — and also an explosion of interactions and data flows that is swamping operations teams.

In this chaotic environment, how can you turn massive amounts of valuable data into real-time insight to steer and grow your digital business?

Axway Analytics for Industries provides best practices and packaged dashboards tailored for specific industry business processes. By empowering executives and their operations teams to make faster, data-driven decisions, you can quickly optimize service levels, the customer experience, and revenue growth for new digital services.

Axway Analytics for Supply Chain

By giving operations teams the single, real-time view of customers and shipments they need to proactively identify and resolve issues before they impact an SLA, shipping and logistics companies can improve how they move goods, deliver services and transfer payments. Using Axway Analytics for Supply Chain, one logistics company exceeded SLAs by delivering on schedule 98% of the time. Another saved over $8 million annually by reducing same-day and next-business-day shipments that weren’t necessary to meet SLAs.

Axway Analytics for Payments

As market demands for payments evolve from batch to real time, anytime, from anywhere, banks that can’t deliver fast and reliable digital services are facing increasing penalties and interest claims. Axway Analytics for Payments watches for higher failure rates or delays for a customer, or payments that are in danger of missing their cut-off times, and alerts the right people to proactively take corrective actions. With this level of insight into customers and payments, one large global bank saved over $4 million in penalties and interest claims in less than four months

Axway Analytics for Suspicious Order Monitoring (SOM)

In Healthcare and Life Sciences, digital transformation promises to dramatically improve outcomes and reduce costs. Enabling both innovation and compliance, Axway Analytics for Suspicious Order Monitoring (SOM) automatically learns customer profiles and order behaviors, and identifies suspicious orders or patterns before they are placed. One major U.S. pharmaceutical distributor improved DEA compliance by identifying 50% more potential suspicious orders, helping to avoid millions of dollars in fines.

Supporting Resources

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    Our objective has been to ensure customer satisfaction and delight with B2B trading exchanges.

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    With Axway WideVision Service Health Check, we can ensure functional supervision, meaning we can monitor application availability to users and measure performance from end-to-end.

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