Endless possibilities: B2C or B2B

Axway Digital Vault ̶ a tool built with Axway AMPLIFY™ using content services and Syncplicity ̶ allows organizations to develop custom applications for securely sharing and exchanging files internally, and with customers. Whether it’s business-to-consumer or business-to-business, a digital vault can transform how you interact with your digital ecosystem, add value to customer experiences, and reduce cycle times.

Onboard new clients, patients, and partners faster than before

The process of onboarding a new client, patient, or partner can involve exchanging substantial paperwork. In the case of onboarding a new wealth management client, an exchange of sensitive documents needs to be completed, along with supporting documents like tax records, bank statements, and personal identification. With Axway’s Digital Vault solution, this process can be shortened to minutes, instead of hours.

Transform your customer experience

Consumers want and expect a digital experience that’s secure and easy to use. Too often, critical, time-sensitive files are exchanged through outdated channels like FTPs, or even lost in the shuffle. A secure digital vault built with Axway makes collaboration between businesses and customers simple and air-tight, improving customer experience.


Build a Digital Vault with Syncplicity and Axway

Using an API-first strategy, we provide you with the tools to build applications and streamline how critical files are shared between you and your customers.

Your customers’ files: on-demand

With an increasing percentage of consumers preferring self-service over calling for assistance, businesses need to rethink how they interact with customers. With Axway, businesses can upload system-generated and customer-requested documents into a secure, digital vault, where data is available for customers to download as soon as they log in.

Fit for any industry or use case

With enterprise-grade security, you can mold Digital Vault to meet a multitude of use cases that go beyond basic file sharing. From records exchanges between doctors and patients, to onboarding new wealth management clients, your vault built with Axway can be customized to fit any industry and use case where files are exchanged.


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