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Why do you need one?

What’s the real purpose of an API Catalog? To understand this question, you need to comprehend what an API Catalog is.

Welcome to the library

For starters, an API Catalog can best be described as a “library” of sorts. With all libraries out there, you have access to an array of information: all your APIs under one encompassed roof. This allows you to access your APIs whenever you want. 

For example, an API Catalog in an API Portal contains the APIs that are recorded in the API Manager. This library concept allows you to test and browse an API. You can search the API Catalog using an API name, version or its description. It’s very helpful knowing you can filter out your search. This allows you to find what you are looking for in the API Catalog. Another key feature is that it helps cut down on wasting time.

Key features

The beauty of an API Catalog is that you have many nifty features that enable you to find all the visibility of an API in one contained place. With an API Catalog, you gain greater control over your APIs, this helps to clear the clutter and allows for better reuse—another plus. 

Moreover, with so many APIs in the world, another plus of an API Catalog is that it lets you have a greater go-to catalog in one centralized place. This becomes a special asset for the searchability of an API. An API Catalog helps to streamline the processes of searching and figuring out where an API is hiding out, granting greater API usage.