Axway TradeSync Integration Manager (TSIM)

Streamline complex production and delivery processes for maximum flexibility, efficiency and quality


Axway TSIM is a pre-configured business-to-business (B2B) solution that enables you to integrate, control, and monitor internal and external processes, from start to finish, across your global automotive supply chain. Based on an open platform augmented with industry-specific processes, workflows, and specialized services, it serves as a central communication and transaction hub within your enterprise and for your entire trading community.

Available as licensed software and as a Cloud Managed Service, Axway TSIM can help you speed time to market; integrate new processes, business units and acquisitions; and adhere to current and future B2B communication standards and OEM and government mandates.

Axway TSIM Key Capabilities

Improve collaboration, communication and efficiency for activities that involve interrelated business partners

Tight multi-enterprise integration means you can:

  • Integrate order processing, delivery, invoicing, and payments into your collaborative process chain at all levels, from OEMs to 1st-tier suppliers to auto dealerships to government agencies 
  • Replace manual, paper-based routines (such as invoicing and customs form submissions) with electronic processes that improve efficiency and quality while reducing risk
  • Enable faster data flow and throughput, making it easier to meet tight SLAs and customer demands
  • Improve inventory management practices and respond faster to changing market demands

Speed time to market with a flexible open architecture and industry-specific processes, workflows, and specialized services

Axway TSIM is based on a flexible architecture that lets you select the integration functionality you need now, while making it easy and straightforward to add new capabilities in the future.

  • Use pre-configured scenarios with connectivity (via OFTP, OFTP2, FTP, etc.), transformation, interchange, and back-end integration functionality to quickly integrate new processes, business units, or acquisitions
  • Support all current communication protocols, data formats, and security standards, as well as legacy systems
  • Implement an OFTP2 deployment that leverages your current Internet connections
  • Effectively eliminate incompatible applications and consolidate isolated systems to improve efficiency in daily operations and the quality of data available for analysis 
  • Add easy-to-use components for a variety of functions, including graphical mapping of processes, configuration of entire workflows, and secure exchange of data with electronic signatures

Establish end-to-end governance and process visibility

  • Gain end-to-end visibility into business processes in all areas of your supply chain for tighter control, and better, faster decision making
  • Use pre-configured process monitoring dashboards to aggregate process data in near real-time
  • Maintain compliance with current and emerging government mandates

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"We have been working with Axway TSIM for 13 years, a choice based on quality and problem resolution. From time to time we run benchmarks [against] other B2B products, and Axway TSIM remains our first choice.”

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