File Flow Management for People and Mobile Devices

What are you doing to address the challenges of growing file sizes, BYOD initiatives, unsanctioned use of consumer-grade file sharing services, and new data protection standards? With employee productivity on the line, you need to enable secure sharing of files with customers/partners and across devices without putting your data and your company at risk.

Axway can help.

Axway for MFT Integration, Consolidation & Governance provides enterprise-class file flow management — including centralized governance, visibility and corporate policy enforcement— between people and across mobile devices.

How does the solution work?

Axway’s SecureTransport provides content-based policy management, encryption, authentication, and tracking between people and across mobile devices. With a secure and managed alternative to email and consumer file sharing sites, you can make it easy for business users to share very large file attachments, and to communicate efficiently, securely and reliably with customers, partners and team members.

Diagram of File Flow Management for People and Mobile Devices

Relevant Products

  • Axway SecureTransport

    File-sharing gateway with complete MFT capabilities

    • Enable end users to send files of any size and any type at any time to anyone
    • Manage system-to-human and human-to-system file delivery
    • Use mobile apps for Android and iOS
    • Send files directly from Outlook or Lotus Notes using plug-ins
    • Enable secure and auditable file transfer via portals and shared folders

Supporting Resources

  • Success Story: US Federal Government

    State of California

    Providing secure, automated file exchange for 22 California state agencies and hundreds of partners and end users

  • Success Story: Transportation & Logistics


    Providing easy-to-use file transfer for over 300 companies employing 34,000 collaborators worldwide

  • Success Story: Financial Services

    Clearstream MFT

    Providing customers real-time, web-based access to enhanced clearing and settlement information

Ready to rid your enterprise of risky file-sharing services and enable secure BYOD initiatives?

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