The secure exchange of data is critical as enterprises unify their employees, partners, suppliers and developers into customer experience networks that drive captivating digital experiences. Human-centric enterprise file synchronization and sharing (EFSS) enhances the collaboration necessary to advance this digital transformation.

Syncplicity expands Axway’s ability to help businesses create a digital workplace without borders by enabling them to securely share, synchronize and collaborate on files anywhere, anytime, from any device. With Syncplicity, Axway now offers enterprises a trusted, hybrid cloud service where EFSS and Managed File Transfer (MFT) interactions can be leveraged seamlessly together to get more business value from their data within applications, databases or files, whether stored on-premises or in private or public clouds. This encourages and supports fluid collaboration among employees as well as with external partners and suppliers to deliver new services that transform the customer experience.

Syncplicity strengthens the Axway AMPLIFY ™ platform, empowering organizations with an integration foundation that unleashes data securely while opening the door to heightened ecosystem engagement and opportunities for innovation and growth. Also, the Syncplicity API fosters sharing across developer communities with the ability for them to embed EFSS services within their apps and processes.

Syncplicity and Axway are a winning combination.


Why is Axway acquiring Syncplicity?

Syncplicity’s proven enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) technologies and expertise expand Axway’s ability to help businesses securely exchange files and access them anywhere, anytime from any device, creating a digital workplace without borders. This enhances the ability of the Axway AMPLIFY platform to transform the way modern enterprises collaborate and innovate across digital ecosystems.

The secure exchange of data is critical for enterprises as they build and leverage customer experience networks which unify entire communities of employees, partners, suppliers and developers to deliver digital experiences. A rapidly growing number of these exchanges are occurring between individuals as they work collaboratively through file sharing and synchronization. According to industry analysts such as Gartner and IDC, at least 80% of enterprise data is unstructured or exist in the form of files. Ovum, a global research and analyst firm, has determined that 32 percent of business-critical processes involve file transfers. As such, enterprises want to add human-centric EFSS solutions to their traditional system-centric Managed File Transfer (MFT) without compromising IT and compliance security controls. With this acquisition, Axway offers customers a trusted, hybrid platform enabling both EFSS and MFT, whether data resides within applications, databases or files, and is stored on premise, in private clouds or public clouds.

Axway is committed to delivering continuous business value to our customers so they can compete and grow in today’s fast-paced, experience-driven economy. With the strength of Syncplicity’s industry-leading EFSS, AMPLIFY will ensure organizations have an integration foundation that unleashes data securely while opening the door to engagement with new ecosystems, enabling digital transformation.

What are the details of the transaction?

The acquisition is a all-cash transaction for 100% ownership of Syncplicity.

How will the acquisition affect Axway’s current customer base?

The acquisition of Syncplicity positions Axway’s AMPLIFY platform to address the broadest range of data integration and engagement use cases in the industry. An increasing number of Axway customers have extended or plan to complement their traditional system-centric MFT with human-centric MFT as they pursue digital transformation. The borders have blurred between traditionally-distinct file transfer use cases: the exchange of files such as marketing collateral or employee benefit forms between people for secure business collaboration and the synchronization of files such as inventory changes or order history for business process automation. Customers will be able to benefit from the combined strengths of AMPLIFY and Syncplicity, which are very complementary, to create a digital workplace without borders.

How will the acquisition affect Syncplicity's current customer base?

Axway is committed to the continued development of Syncplicity products. Syncplicity customers will benefit from the assurance that Axway brings in terms of global reach, operational discipline and financial stability. In addition, Syncplicity customers will have access to a breakthrough data integration and engagement platform with a suite of capabilities, including API management, electronic data interchange, managed file transfer, app development and real-time, predictive analytics. Axway intends to integrate Syncplicity into the AMPLIFY platform to provide customers with an easy path to using both sets of capabilities together seamlessly.

Will my support change?

Syncplicity customers will see no changes in how Syncplicity conducts day-to-day business, delivering the same or better level of service and support. Customers will continue to contact the support team in the same way that they currently do. Over time, Syncplicity’s customers will benefit from a single point of contact for all support-related issues and from the “follow the sun” and mission critical support offerings that Axway customers experience today.

Will any products be discontinued, or versions phased out?

The Axway and Syncplicity markets and product portfolios are extremely complementary. And while there will be a goal for platform integration for the benefit of our customers, we recognize that there is a very strong and growing market for EFSS products and solutions. Syncplicity products will maintain product roadmaps, deployment capabilities and continued investment from Axway.

Do Axway and Syncplicity have customers in common?

Yes. Both companies maintain and continue to grow a strong enterprise customer base, and as a result there are a number of them in common. Those companies that use both Syncplicity and Axway have been benefiting from the value of each offering and now will have a single organization that will help leverage and extend that value. Existing customers of both organizations will have immediate opportunity to add the additional offerings as needed to fit their needs.

How many employees does Syncplicity have?

Syncplicity has more than 80 employees.

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