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End-to-end supply chain visibility is only the beginning.

Win customers from every direction and keep them coming back.

The paradigm has shifted. Consumers have more information and more power than ever before. Capitalize on this new reality with real-time data visibility, analytics and actionable intelligence. With the right stock always on hand and secure transactions across all channels, you’ll transform the latest market reality into real points of advantage against competitors on all fronts.
Start with a secure and agile data integration foundation that combines API, MFT and EDI into shared services using your existing infrastructure. Then you can put eyes on SLA performance and order fulfillment in a way that puts more smiles on more customers.

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Build a secure and agile data integration infrastructure by combining API, MFT and EDI into shared services
  • Leverage existing assets to preserve past investment and be ready for a digital future
  • Secure existing integration services and leverage them for maximum efficiency
  • Ensure real-time, end-to-end visibility into all data streams for better decision-making
  • Establish a multi-channel, omnipresent business model to reach consumers wherever they are
  • Inspire greater engagement among partners, suppliers and others in your trading community
Create a digital ecosystem that supports rapid change, encourages engagement and turns IT and business leaders into true innovators
  • Reimagine the customer experience across virtual and physical channels – the full digital spectrum
  • Quickly build and release mobile apps that boost satisfaction and loyalty
  • Create and manage APIs to unlock the back-end data and services needed to power rich, personalized interactions
  • Use analytics to understand and predict what works and what doesn’t
Improve transactional visibility and operational intelligence for faster order-to-cash cycles and SLA compliance
  • Manage your supply network to optimize ordering and reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
  • See what’s happening with each supplier/3PL or customer trading partner all the way through to the end customer at the point of sale
  • Reduce costly processing errors and chargebacks or rebate disputes
  • Compete aggressively with volume purchasing and pricing strategies that provide more margin rich profit for the business
Monitor and control business data flow securely in real time with an API-enabled EDI platform
  • Quickly establish secure connections with channels, customers, suppliers, OEMs, service partners, banks, customs, carriers, third-party logistics providers and others
  • Eliminate surprises with better visibility upstream to global suppliers and downstream to global stores and customers
  • Enable trading partner self-service through the use of supplier portals or visibility into data exchanges with mobile devices
  • Avoid inventory stock-outs and overages for in-demand products, improve fulfillment responsiveness with suppliers
Create an omnipresent consumer experience with an multi-channel strategy
  • Target and track “connected consumers” across web, mobile and social media platforms
  • React quickly to emerging trends and opportunities
  • Securely expose existing applications and web services via APIs for mobile applications and portals
  • Increase consumer confidence and brand awareness to capture wallet share from mobile shoppers
Move, secure, monitor and track the information you need to keep all of your stores or restaurants running smoothly
  • Reduce costs and be more responsive to your customers
  • Eliminate processing latency by automating business processes and file transfers, including EDI
  • Gain real-time visibility to optimize pricing, inventory control, and targeted POS coupon and ad generation
  • Gain insight and foresight up from the POS level for a complete picture of the enterprise
  • Gain real-time visibility to optimize pricing, inventory control, and targeted POS coupon and ad generation
  • Gain insight and foresight up from the POS level for complete a picture of the enterprise
Optimize track-and-trace initiatives for regulatory compliance, recall management and a safer supply chain
  • Efficiently share information with trading partners along your extended collaborative supply chain
  • Ensure/validate supplier source and compliance around product validity
  • Combat counterfeiting
  • Detect product diversion
Protect the business from data breaches and process disruptions by efficiently managing application-to-application file flows — on premise and in the cloud
  • Mitigate business risk and meet SLAs with on-time file delivery
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory mandates and internal security policies
  • Implement a centralized, systematic, large-scale file flow management that follows evolving business requirements
  • Improve pricing strategy by aligning based on daily POS (Point of Sale) data delivered via MFT
Improve visibility into omnichannel order fulfillment
  • Meet customer expectations for a coherent, seamless experience across digital and physical sales and delivery channels
  • Proactively identify and resolve process issues prior to impacting business and customers
  • Track the overall process of order fulfillment by capturing, counting, evaluating and measuring against service level agreements (SLAs) — no matter the customer’s path to purchase
  • Rigorously measure labor costs, productivity and outcomes to gain business insight that will drive success for your digital business

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