Store-to-Corporate and Corporate-to-Store MFT

Reduce costs and improve service to your customers, strengthening their loyalty to your company and boosting your bottom line

Merchandising, pricing and replenishing have to happen in near real-time to keep up with the frenetic pace of the shopping cycle. If an item is not in your inventory, out of stock or priced too high, consumers will simply defect to a competitor while you're busy trying to identify and respond to changes in the marketplace.

Axway can help.

Axway provides a single platform for connecting remote store locations to your corporate systems, so you can see up-to-the-minute activity at each point of sale, quickly get inventory or updated pricing data into your systems, and optimize ordering by pinpointing where data isn’t matching physical reality.

How does the solution work?

While leveraging what’s right about the infrastructure you already have in place, Axway provides the connectivity and visibility you need to receive and analyze critical information in real time. Whether it’s sales figures, promotion activities, segmentation, customer loyalty programs or pricing, having this kind of key data at your fingertips empowers you to build a better and more responsive in-store experience for your customers.

Relevant Products

  • MFT Integration, Consolidation & Governance

    Unified managed file transfer

    • Create a high-volume corporate file-transfer service that supports event-driven, scheduled, store-and-forward, and push or pull file transfer
    • Quickly connect with stores without having to write any code, hire additional staff or conduct extensive training
    • Automatically transfer product information, updated pricing, promotions, stock replenishing confirmations and delivery notices to stores
    • Transfer real-time sales and customer loyalty program transactions, stock movements and inventory reports from stores to corporate
    • Prevent loss or delay of POS data and protect cash flow, through guaranteed delivery, checkpoint/restart and encryption
  • Axway Sentinel

    Monitor transactions, data transfers and SLAs in real time

    • Avoid supply chain disruptions with end-to-end monitoring of store order
    • Give business managers the visibility they need to manage sales figures, promotional activities, segmentation, customer loyalty programs and pricing, detect and address transfer problems before they impact business or result in SLA penalties
    • Use real-time dashboards to see data flows to and from on-premise, cloud-based, mobile and web applications
    • Automatically generate complete, easy-to-query audit trails for regulatory compliance

Supporting Resources

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