Connected Retailer

Create a seamless consumer experience with an omni-channel strategy

By connecting all of your retail channels, you can capture more wallet share, personalize interactions based on each shopper's persona and purchase patterns, establish social network connections, and garner valuable insights from website visits and searches. The challenge is to present a unified omni-channel "store front" in spite of technology disconnects between the in-store experience, your social networking efforts (or lack thereof), and existing applications, web services and APIs.

Axway can help.

API Management can help you create a seamless consumer experience by quickly transforming existing applications and web services into secure APIs for mobile applications and browsers, as well as cloud and partner channels.

How does the solution work?

With Axway’s API Gateway, you can build, manage and secure integration between on-premise, partner, mobile and cloud-based applications and services. Security, administration, monitoring and auditing capabilities provide visibility across all channels and ensure high availability, compliance and a positive experience for your app users. You can also customize security and access policies, and extend your IAM platform (such as CA SiteMinder, IBM or Oracle IdM) to secure cloud services and mobile access in BYOD environments.

Relevant Products

  • Axway API Gateway

    API development, integration, security and management

    • Integrate consumer data with front and back-end systems
    • Expose existing assets by adding mobile-ready APIs to enterprise applications instantly and non-invasively
    • Implement sophisticated authentication, authorization and audit schemes to control omni-channel mobile access spanning multiple devices and domains
    • Enable consumers to use their existing credential from Google, Facebook, Twitter and other mobile accounts to log into your applications
    • Scale to ensure high availability and a positive user experience

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