Digital Health

To reach higher in quality health outcomes, go deeper on patient engagement.

Unlock data with API-powered, FHIR-enabled solutions to create a patient experience that promotes better outcomes.

Providing real-time access to healthcare data is key to engaging patients and meeting Meaningful Use Stage 3 requirements to support value-based care. Axway helps you unlock patient data from legacy EHR systems and securely share it across any system, application, or device. With our FHIR-enabled API-powered solutions, you can build, deliver, and manage data-rich mobile experiences that serve patients anywhere and anytime, leading to increased patient satisfaction, retention and outcomes. By securely exposing and managing FHIR APIs, you can overcome interoperability challenges and accelerate time to market for new mobile patient services and experiences.

For connected patients demanding instant access to healthcare data & services from their mobile device, Axway enables:

  • Seamless access to health data and services anytime, anywhere
  • A more personalized care experience
  • Convenient access to more affordable care options
  • More consistent, higher quality health outcomes

For healthcare providers facing the new realities of value-based, outcome-driven care models, Axway enables:

  • Effortless clinical collaboration and data sharing
  • Proactive, personalized approach to patient care
  • Greater engagement, especially with chronically ill patients
  • Scalability to handle higher volumes of connected patients

For healthcare insurance companies facing heightened competitive pressure and growing consumer demands, Axway enables:

  • Fast, seamless delivery of differentiated digital services and experiences
  • Convenient and meaningful member engagement through mobile
  • Greater cost and choice transparency for members
  • Wider access to digitally enabled services for chronically ill members

Transform the patient experience with Axway API Management

  • Meet ONC API mandates by rapidly developing, securing and managing FHIR APIs and APIs from across the enterprise
  • Integrate across on-premise systems (such as EHRs), cloud services, and mobile devices using a configure and code approach
  • Enable developers, architects and integration teams to create, integrate, secure and manage FHIR and other Healthcare APIs in a unified way across projects and communities
  • Reduce time to market for digital health services and apps
  • Ensure data security and HIPAA compliance by using a broad range of security and authentication profiles
  • Monitor every message and clean incoming traffic using the latest threat-protection signatures
  • Streamline compliance and help reduce the data security burden using built in, configurable audit trails and reporting

Relevant Products

  • Axway API Management Plus

    Axway API Management Plus spans API creation, control and consumption, giving you the speed and agility you need to accelerate digital health initiatives that transform the patient experience.

    • Facilitate FHIR-enabled, API-based health data interoperability to accelerate digital patient engagement initiatives
    • Leverage comprehensive capabilities that extend from backend service integration to app development
    • Free silo bound data with industry leading data integration capabilities
    • Govern and secure FHIR and other Healthcare APIs to fuel innovative patient services and experiences

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