Secure the exchange of protected health information (PHI) and establish interoperability between systems and healthcare constituents

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The HITECH Act encourages the adoption of electronic health/medical records (EHR/EMR), with the ultimate goal of reducing healthcare costs and improving patient outcomes. To that end, it mandates that healthcare providers take a series of steps to strengthen HIPAA safeguards for data privacy, enable secure electronic exchange of PHI, and establish interoperability between systems — both internally and with external business associates.

For providers who want to maximize incentive dollars now and avoid penalties later, the time to assess your data channels and prepare for the next compliance deadline is now.

Axway 5 Suite can help.

Axway 5 Suite can help you comply with HITECH/HIPAA regulations by quickly establishing connections for the secure exchange of PHI between the people and systems that create health records and the people and systems that need access to them.

How does the solution work?

Axway 5 Suite provides the security, B2B integration and data-sharing capabilities you need to comply with HITECH/HIPAA, whether information is exchanged by email or email attachment; file transfer between applications, systems, or individuals; or internal or external EDI. You can use Axway 5 Suite for all facets of compliance, including:

  • Securing PHI in motion with delivery- and content-based policies
  • Securing PHI at rest with encryption, authentication and guaranteed delivery
  • Detecting and protecting against data breaches with monitoring and tracking of all file movements
  • Onboarding and managing business partners to enable interoperability and ensure they are also in compliance

Relevant Axway 5 Suite Products

  • Secure Email & Secure File Sharing

    Protect against accidental data loss and leakage

    • Automatically identify email messages and attachments that may be in violation of HITECH Act regulations
    • Encrypt messages to ensure the confidentiality of PHI
    • Track and document compliance for regulatory and legal risk mitigation
    • Eliminate spam, viruses, phishing, hackers, and other email threats before they can enter your email systems
  • MFT Integration, Consolidation & Governance

    Control all exchanges of PHI with granular visibility and audit trails

    • Securely exchange Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs) — including clinical records, lab results, medications, immunizations, diagnostic images and more
    • Track and monitor file movements — inside your enterprise, along your supply/value chain, and throughout your trading community
    • Manage and secure ad-hoc file exchange with user-friendly email and portal interfaces
  • Axway Central Governance

    Track, manage and report on data that moves across your systems and user communities

    • Secure all PHI in motion and at rest — including data traveling via email, ad hoc or automated managed file transfer, or internal or external EDI
    • Centrally define, manage and enforce policies that effectively control the flow of data information
    • Detect and report all data breaches
    • Proactively track and manage each transmission through executive dashboards for compliance officers and administrators, and technical dashboards for IT
  • B2B & EDI Integration

    Create a secure online business interaction community beyond your firewall

    • Establish interoperability between systems — both internally and with external business associates
    • On-board and successfully manage partners submitting medical records and transactions for eligibility, claims, claim status, enrollments, authorizations, and premium payments
    • Connect to state and federal agencies requiring periodic reports necessary for your business to qualify for incentive payments
    • Ensure Health Level Seven compliance for all B2B data exchanges

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