Federal Healthcare

Securely integrate, exchange and manage health data to fuel digital innovation and improve outcomes.

From modernizing legacy systems to enabling cloud, mobile, and IoT technology adoption, federal government agencies must keep pace with digital health innovation, while ensuring the right security is in place to protect health data exchange across a broad ecosystem of public and private sector organizations. To serve diverse audiences, federal agencies need an array of data-exchange mechanisms to enable seamless, secure exchange of health data across diverse systems, spanning disparate architectural paradigms.

Axway can help.


Unlock data with API-powered, FHIR-enabled solutions to create a patient experience that promotes better outcomes.

Providing controlled, real-time access to health information is crucial to engaging patients, supporting Blue Button initiatives and meeting meaningful use Stage 3 requirements to support value-based care. Axway helps you unlock patient data from legacy EHR systems and securely share it across any system, application or device. With our FHIR-enabled API-powered solutions, you can build, deliver and manage data-rich mobile experiences that serve patients anywhere and anytime, leading to increased patient satisfaction and retention, as well as improved outcomes. By securely exposing and managing FHIR APIs, you can overcome interoperability challenges and accelerate time-to-market for new mobile patient services and experiences.

Drive digital health innovation to meet the needs of today’s connected patient

Equipped with smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices, today’s connected patients want to engage digitally—anytime and anywhere—to manage every aspect of their health. APIs are tightly linked with mobile and IoT initiatives because they allow you to securely expose connected devices to your patient population, as well as systems and applications in your IT infrastructure. These digital initiatives require data to securely flow from devices to the cloud, from the cloud to your back-end systems and from users back to their devices—all enabled by APIs. Axway helps govern this flow of data with the security needed to protect sensitive information and the performance required to support connected health initiatives.

Secure your data, share your data — without compromises

Healthcare leaders’ key initiatives across patient engagement, population health management and care coordination are rooted in the ability to share data across any system, application and device. Axway helps federal healthcare agencies overcome interoperability challenges, while meeting heightened security requirements. We help you meet the demands of patients and partner agencies by creating a digital bridge across disparate systems and enabling secure exposure of data on any system, application or device to ensure program success and improve health outcomes.

Relevant Products

  • Axway SecureTransport

    Multiprotocol file transfer management solution with end-to-end security and visibility for unrivaled scalability and performance

    • Supports multiple protocols and protective DMZ edge server architecture
    • Secures and manages interactive user-driven communications
    • Automates the flow of data with external or internal data exchange partners
    • Enables portal-based secure data exchange with seamless portal integration capabilities
    • Enables mail-like, human-to-human secure file transfer of health data
    • Scales easily across large enterprise environments
  • Axway Validation Authority Suite

    Flexible, scalable and fault-tolerant framework for real-time digital certificate validation

    • Implements a CA-agnostic solution with support for all widely adopted international security standards
    • Meets Common Criteria, FIPS 140-2, FIPS-201, and NIST PDVAL standards
    • Enables enterprise-scale Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP)
    • Provides improved response times for OCSP signing requests
    • Deploys the widely adopted and trusted Tumbleweed solution
  • Axway B2Bi

    Comprehensive and secure communications and integration of healthcare communities — on premise or in the cloud

    • Uses a rich library of all standard EDI and B2B formats to process EDI transactions like EDI 835, 837, 277, and 278 documents
    • Defines, maintains, simulates, prints and deploys new maps and integration processes
    • Enables the flow of health data to and from partners with limited IT capabilities
    • Provides mobile and web self-service capabilities, including real-time file tracking and mobile alerts
  • Axway API Management Plus

    API creation, control and consumption that provide the speed and agility needed to accelerate digital health initiatives and transform patient experiences

    • Meets the latest requirements of the U.S. federal government, with the access control and policy management of Common Criteria Certification
    • Supports identity federation/SSO, policy enforcement points and policy decision points with comprehensive policy-driven API delivery and management gateway
    • Facilitates FHIR-enabled, API-based health data interoperability to accelerate digital patient engagement initiatives
    • Leverages comprehensive capabilities that extend from back-end service integration to app development
    • Governs and secures FHIR and other healthcare APIs to fuel innovative patient services and experiences
    • Integrates on-premise, mobile and cloud applications, services and data
    • Secures and protects APIs at all levels: interface, access and data
    • Utilizes advanced functionality, including protocol mediation, message transformation, robust authentication and fine-grained authorization


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