Analytics for Payments

For fast payments, the smart money is on data-driven decisions that deliver a flawless customer experience.

FinTechs (and innovative banks that think like FinTechs) have raised the bar for customer expectations — and there is no turning back the clock.  To keep pace with demand for fast payments, you need to take fast action. 

Axway can help.

Our Analytics for Payments solution, powered by Axway Decision Insight, lets you transform traditional business operations to support fast digital payments and avoid the costs and reputational damage that happen when things go wrong.

Empower your payment operations teams with the situational awareness and predictive insight they need to:

  • Identify potential liquidity risks
  • Proactively address increases in response times
  • Detect alert conditions 95% faster
  • Cut issue-resolution times by 80%

How does the solution work?

Payments Business Managers, Product Owners and Customer Service Teams tailor their own analytics dashboards to see the information they need. It’s fast and easy.

The operations team can then work together to:

  • Determine if there is enough liquidity in the scheme to cover current payments, and inject more funds if necessary
  • See when the volume of rejected customer payments is unusually high, investigate the problem and resolve it promptly
  • Understand when the turnaround time of another participant bank is longer than expected, and warn them about a potential degradation in performance that is leading to rejected payments and affecting multiple customers
  • Notice when response times for payment settlement are increasing, and provide early warning of infrastructure capacity issues prior to alerts from technical monitoring

The earlier these issues are identified and understood, the more time the operations team has to address them before they negatively impact a larger customer group.

  • Axway Decision Insight

    Real-time, proactive analytics

    • Give business and IT users the situational awareness and predictive insight they need to meet individual and corporate objectives
    • Enable proactive response to unusual situations and non-events to minimize business and customer impact
    • Use time-based operational analytics to understand past, present and future performance
    • Be more agile and responsive by giving customers access to information faster

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See, understand and address fast-payment issues before they become major problems for your customers.