Easy to use, flexible, and secure

Just because your teams aren’t at the office, doesn’t mean work has to stop. At its core, Syncplicity drives productivity by providing a secure solution for file sharing and collaboration, from anywhere on any device. As remote work becomes more common, users need tools that allow them to share and collaborate without any disruption to their workflow. With advanced administrative controls, IT can confidently deploy Syncplicity as a part of their collaboration toolkit, knowing that their remote workforce is sharing and collaborating securely both internally and externally—all while remote.

Work anywhere, on any device

Flexibility has never been more important. With Syncplicity and an internet connection, users can securely access and share content from web, mobile, and desktop applications effortlessly—and without a VPN. When installed on a Mac or PC, the Syncplicity client allows users to share their existing files and folders directly from their Finder or Explorer window without disrupting how they already work. For many, remote work is a new concept. We’ve compiled a variety of resources to help make your transition as smooth as possible.

Visit our Remote Work Resource Page: https://www.syncplicity.com/en/solutions/remote-work

Drive productivity

Syncplicity makes users more productive by allowing them to easily share files and collaborate externally with partners, customers, and suppliers without having to wait for IT involvement. Additionally, with pre-built integrations to applications that users leverage daily – such as Microsoft Office 365 – Syncplicity streamlines access, sharing, and collaboration within those applications.

Work securely

Syncplicity's comprehensive administrative controls give IT managers total confidence that users and their files are always secure. Group-based policies, domain whitelisting, and in-depth auditing capabilities, ensure collaboration and file sharing are safe even in remote work settings. Because you can’t afford to lose access to the files that drive your business forward, we’re here to help reduce the risks associated with remote work, while still driving collaboration and productivity.