Digital Business Transformation

Establish an enhanced file-transfer infrastructure to deliver innovative services, secure all data flows and drive business growth

Build a customer experience (CX) network to create superior experiences, secure all data flows and drive business innovation and growth.

For the average company, exchanging data files and other information is critical to the business. For data-centric services companies (including payroll, research, data management, business intelligence, design, law, staffing, accounting, engineering and consulting firms) it is the essence of the business.

With a CX network that brings employees, customers, partners and developers together, you can secure and manage all types of file transfer to differentiate your offerings, comply with SLAs and security regulations, and extend value to each and every customer via physical, online, cloud, mobile and IoT channels. 

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Establish a single managed file transfer infrastructure for governing all file flows
  • Consolidate system-to-system, agency-to-agency, and person-to-person exchange of structured and unstructured data
  • Reduce costs by consolidating customer and partner file flows into a shared service with easy onboarding
  • Provide a secure and governed alternative to ftp servers, physical media and expensive VANs/VPNs
  • Gain end-to-end visibility into file movements and a single point of record to demonstrate compliance with regulations including SOX, HIPAA, PCI, BASEL III, MHLW, EMEA, and GLBA
Grow the business and improve customer satisfaction with new cloud and mobile services
  • Provide secure mobile access to existing online services and back-end applications
  • Integrate cloud, partner and on-premise applications and services to create added value for customers
  • Introduce mobile apps that generate and deliver information based on time, context, location and/or user
  • Protect your business from attacks and ensure regulatory compliance
Automate file transfers to minimize expensive paper trails and error-prone manual touch points
  • Ensure reliable file transfer even when volume, size, type and frequency of data exchange are unpredictable
  • Automatically detect, move, and process files and trigger email notifications
  • Meet each customer’s unique regulatory requirements, encryption policies and processes for adopting file-transfer products
  • Simplify and consistently pass audits
Enable secure inbound/outbound email and file sharing between employees, customers and partners
  • Provide employees with a secure and controlled alternative to consumer-oriented file-sharing tools
  • Enforce encryption and other security policies to prevent data losses and breaches, regulatory violations and SLA penalties
  • Make it easy for users to safely send and receive market research, personal and financial data for payroll processing, CAD/CAM designs for new products, confidential tax or M&A data, sensitive legal documents, etc.
  • Detect and eliminate viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware and other forms of malicious activity before they enter your network
Speed synchronization of file-based data with cloud and big data storage platforms
  • Accelerate file transfer and overcome network latency
  • Guarantee fast delivery of big data to target systems
  • Integrate MFT with big data and cloud architectures


Deliver your data-centric services in new and better ways.