Axway WideVision Alert

Centralize and prioritize alerts according to business impact


IT Control rooms are often overwhelmed by continuous monitoring checks that generate numerous alerts in various consoles. Determining which one has to be handled first is a real challenge.

Axway WideVision Alert is a real-time hypervision solution that tracks all these IT events and normalizes the calculation of priority based on urgency and business impact. Alerts and their evaluated impacts are displayed in business-relevant terms or by geography, business service or technology. In addition, alerts are correlated to prevent duplication and detect component instability.

Axway WideVision Alert Key Capabilities

Centralize alerts coming from all monitoring tools

  • Normalize and enrich events 
  • Sort and compare alerts based on ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) urgency recommendations and impact criteria     
  • Avoid the need for control room staff to switch from one console to another
  • Get an end-to-end view of technical controls
  • Enable correlation of information across heterogeneous tools 
  • Help with root-cause analysis
  • Avoid duplication and “noise” in prioritized current-alerts list 

Measure the business impacts of technical incidents in real time

  • Accelerate diagnosis through real-time visibility of business impacts
  • Handle alerts via different analysis axes: service, technology, client, component, location, etc.
  • Collect business and application data in heterogeneous IT environments with non-intrusive connectors 
  • Assess the current situation to gain a comprehensive understanding of the actual business impact and control-room workload 

Mitigate risks to SLAs

  • Focus on the most business-critical incidents based on both technical urgency and business impact 
  • Keep a close watch on alert acknowledgment and resolution time to help meet SLA commitments

Communicate effectively and objectively with customers

  • Improve crisis management by sharing a global view of the incidents impacting services
  • Communicate in a common language shared by IT and business teams

Proactively manage the quality of service

  • Detect precursory signs of issues before the customer is impacted
  • Focus investments to improve efficiency and services quality

Need a prioritized, global view of alerts based on business impact?

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