EDI Replacement and Consolidation

Become a more agile, efficient and customer-responsive organization with a future-proof B2B integration infrastructure


Has the provider of your critical EDI platform announced end-of-life, end-of-support or a dramatic shift in direction? Do you have true end-to-end-visibility, the reliability you need to meet SLAs, and the ability to rapidly on-board partners?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, why continue to do business with a disjointed system when you could have a single, consolidated infrastructure that is future-proof?

Axway can help.

With Axway, you can replace and/or consolidate your legacy EDI systems to eliminate management headaches, reduce costs, mitigate risk, improve agility and derive more value from your existing IT assets.

How does the solution work?

Axway’s B2B solution offers a flexible architecture that enables you to leverage your existing SOA services, including ESB and messaging implementations, and scale your solution to support increasing data volumes, expansion across multiple business units, and growing trading communities. You can deploy your solution on premise, in the cloud, or choose a hybrid approach. On top of it all, Axway provides a layer of governance that ensures you can control who has access to your mission critical data — including data exchanged via mobile and web applications.

Relevant Products

  • Axway B2Bi

    Future-proof B2B gateway

    • Define and manage secure and intelligent data flows for all of your business processes and partners within a unified global integration and governance infrastructure
    • Keep pace with changing business conditions, new data paths like mobile and BYOD, and exponential growth of data volumes
    • Get true global account and technical support from professionals who have a thorough understanding of the product
    • Save money and speed time-to-revenue with consolidated partner on-boarding and management
    • Bring small trading partners or those with limited IT capabilities into your electronic community
    • Choose your optimal combination of on-premise software, managed services, and cloud-based offerings to meet your specific business requirements
  • Axway Sentinel

    Mobile and web dashboards for real-time visibility, monitoring, reports and alerts

    • Gain visibility into what is happening between Axway applications and the rest of your enterprise, across the B2B ecosystem and in the cloud — all accessible via mobile devices
    • Give IT managers intuitive dashboards for managing and monitoring transactions
    • Set up real-time alerts and rules-based routing to help users quickly troubleshoot problems and meet SLAs
  • Axway Cloud B2B Managed Service

    Easy-to-deploy, subscription-based B2B solutions

    • Deploy a complete B2B solution in days instead of weeks, including automated deployment and configuration of partner endpoints
    • Securely manage and interact with your B2B community in the cloud
    • Reduce software management costs, improve operational efficiency and focus on your core business
    • Use Axway services to migrate existing maps from legacy systems
    • Eliminate the need for dedicated disaster recovery assets

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