Axway 5 Suite

Achieve more predictive business interactions with total visibility and complete control of your data flows to enable digital business


To accelerate innovation and drive new revenue, improve reliability and performance, and ensure security and compliance — all at a lower cost — you need to fully and safely embrace the digital economy.

This requires the ability to control and optimize data flows in a unified and holistic way, so you can finally unlock the tremendous value that information can bring to your business interactions — not just within the four walls, but out to your customers, trading communities, the cloud and mobile devices.

Axway 5 Suite gives you the power to integrate, secure, manage and measure all of the data flows that drive your business interactions, so you can get closer to your customers and work smarter with your partners.

By breaking down barriers between applications, departments, locations and user communities, you can move from the chaos of point-to-point connections to a proactive and predictive environment where you control and optimize the flows of data that impact your business.

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Orchestrate business interactions along your supply/value chain and throughout your trading community
  • Replace or consolidate existing EDI solutions due to end-of-life, end-of-support or lack of feature enhancements
  • Handle growing B2B traffic volumes and respond to increasing business demands
  • Meet customer and partner demand to support new communication protocols and formats
  • Give technical and business users access to real-time information from the web and mobile devices
Revolutionize the way you manage file transfer with visibility and central governance — from design to execution
  • Pass security audits
  • Protect the business from data breaches and process disruptions by efficiently managing application-to-application file flows — on premise and in the cloud
  • Reduce costs by consolidating customer and partner file flows into a shared service with easy on-boarding
  • Provide a secure and governed alternative to consumer-grade, cloud-based file sharing
Transform your business and drive innovation using APIs
  • Integrate cloud, mobile, partner and on-premise applications and services
  • Secure and Protect Web Services and REST APIs
  • Bridge identity relationships across domains
  • Create, manage, expose and report on APIs for internal and external developer communities
  • Extend legacy gateways and appliances to support cloud, mobile and other REST API projects
Anticipate, detect and mitigate business issues to reduce operational risk, increase performance and improve the customer experience
  • Proactively identify unusual and unexpected business situations before they impact closing deadlines
  • Detect slowdowns in processing steps for payments, orders, claims, etc.
  • Reduce time-to-analysis from months to days

Ready to integrate, secure, manage and measure all of the data flows that drive your business interactions?