Our Vision and History

Firmly rooted in our deep Managed File Transfer (MFT) and B2B integration heritage, the fifth-generation Axway is the culmination of our company’s trajectory, from its inception in 2001 up until today, a time when business interactions are changing and accelerating exponentially.

Axway offers complete solutions that leverage all of our technologies, products, services and experience to provide our customers with the integration, visibility, policy, security and reliability they need to govern all forms of business interactions — for communities, across systems, and supporting multiple data types.

Key Strategic Milestones

Spin-off and European development

Between 2001 and 2005, our two main objectives were to industrialize software development activities and attain a significant market position in Europe. During this time, our customer base grew from 3,100 to 6,000.

2001 — Created by Sopra Group

The name Axway emerged in France with the spin-off of the software infrastructure division of Sopra Group SA. The goal was to bring together, under the same company, the Group’s infrastructure software (notably the “Rules of the Game” software and the CFT and InterPel Managed File Transfer tools) — setting them apart from the application software (banking, real estate and HR sectors) retained by Sopra. This separation remains a current practice in the software market.

2002 — Acquired Viewlocity in Europe, Asia and the U.S.

With the acquisition of Viewlocity, we stepped up our level of internationalization. Viewlocity’s flagship product, AMTrix , is installed at more than 3,200 sites around the world, empowering organizations and their business partners to connect, communicate and collaborate throughout their extended supply chains. By the end of 2005, we had a presence in most European countries and our first premises in the U.S. and Asia.

North American development and market leadership

The second stage in Axway’s development was aimed at aligning our geographical spread with the market, notably by significantly developing our business activities and presence in the U.S.

Another ambition during this period was to take the lead in the Managed File Transfer (MFT) and Business-to-Business (B2B) Integration markets. We achieved this objective in 2009 when the most respected market analysts recognized Axway as a market leader in these segments.

2006 – Acquired Cyclone Commerce

With the acquisition of Cyclone Commerce, Axway gained a strong customer base in the U.S., and additional expertise in B2B technologies (Cyclone was ranked 3rd in the B2B software market at that time). Acquiring Cyclone positioned Axway for the first time as an emerging American enterprise, and no longer primarily a French company.

Also at this juncture, Axway’s Executive Management team was transferred to the U.S., English became the company’s official working language, and we gained more than 300 Cyclone Commerce customers.

2007 – Acquired B2B branch of Atos Origin in Germany

The addition of Atos Origin made Axway a leader in the automobile sector and its extended supply chain.

2008 – Acquired Tumbleweed Communications in the U.S.

The Tumbleweed acquisition brought new capabilities around MFT, email security and identity validation, and consolidated our position in the North American market with more than 2,200 new customers, including significant banking, manufacturing, retail, and logistics companies and the U.S. Federal government (in particular the Department of Defense and tax authorities). This acquisition helped Axway get a green light from many major firms in the region, and won broad recognition of Axway as an established U.S. technology enterprise.

Separation of Axway and Sopra Group

Having operated with a large degree of autonomy for several years, we acquired our own essential functions and resources to enable us to grow independently from Sopra Group SA.

2011 — Listed on Euronext Paris (AXW.PA)

The culmination of the plan to separate the activities of Axway Software from the traditional activities of the Sopra Group was approved at the annual General Meeting. Axway’s shares were listed on Euronext Paris on June 14, and the company gained full financial autonomy with respect to Sopra Group SA following the capital increase.

The digital revolution

The integration market, in which Axway has always operated, is undergoing major transformations brought about by the digital revolution: the cloud, mobility, the Internet of Things, big data and social networks.

Conventional technologies are no longer sufficient to address the host of new integration requirements stemming from the digital economy. That’s why we are simultaneously broadening our offering to deal with new kinds of data flows, and intensifying our focus on the value proposition of governing all data flows within and beyond the enterprise firewall.

2012 – Acquired Vordel

APIs are at the heart of cloud integration, mobile integration and ecosystem development. Beyond B2B and B2C, the API technologies developed by Vordel helped to create B2D (business to developer) capabilities, where communities of developers are no longer technicians, but creators of business applications in a new economic model of monetized services and income sharing.

Using Axway 5 Suite’s API management capabilities, companies can preserve the good aspects of their technology and deploy them using modern REST APIs and an innovative API Catalog.

2014 – Acquired Systar

Axway 5 Suite, combined with Systar’s leadership in Operational Intelligence, will enable businesses to leverage the right kind of visibility, within the relevant business context, across their entire data-flow ecosystem. With this acquisition, Axway closes the loop between IT data-flow efficiency and business performance.

2016 – Acquired Appcelerator

Acquisition of Appcelerator - USA. Expanding its Digital Business Enablement Solutions with Market-leading Mobile Engagement Platform.

2017 – Acquired Syncplicity

Acquisition of Syncplicity - USA. Recognized for its EFSS (Enterprise File Sharing and Synchronization) technologies

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