Industry Analytics

Helps organizations across industries to transform their traditional business operations into new digital services.

Analytics for supply chain

By giving operations teams the single, real-time view of customers and shipments they need to proactively identify and resolve issues before they impact an SLA, shipping and logistics companies can improve how they move goods, deliver services, and transfer payments.

Analytics for banking

Banks that can’t deliver fast and reliable digital services face penalties and interest claims. Analytics for Payments watches for higher failure rates, delays, or payments that are in danger of missing their cut-off times and alerts the right people to proactively take corrective actions.

Analytics for other industries

The Axway Analytics Library is a set of predefined analytics that provides immediate and outstanding value to operational users. Analytics are implemented during the Lean Workshop and Implementation phases with the customer.

“We avoid tens of thousands of
euros’ worth of blocked orders
every day.”

How did Monoprix get so fast and accurate?

Find out


See how analytics are used in the order fulfillment process for a supply chain company


“Decision Insight optimized our
processes and cut execution
time in half.”

Delivering a high quality of service in an extremely time-sensitive business.


Avoid the “Twitter” effect in immediate payments

Immediate payments accelerate the speed of business transactions and decisions, leaving no time for error. Ever-increasing volumes,

regulations and customer expectations are putting payments operation teams under immense pressure to proactively identify and

address emerging issues before they can have a negative impact.

Find out how Analytics for Payments powered by AMPLIFY Decision Insight can help you constantly monitor the immediate payments environment and proactively detect abnormal situations.



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For immediate payments, the smart money is on data-driven decisions.