Axway Decision Insight

Empower business process stakeholders with the real-time control and insight they need to meet operational objectives

Axway Decision Insight is an operational intelligence solution that enables business users to make faster, smarter decisions. Dashboards and alerts provide full visibility into what is happening now, notify users of threats and opportunities that require immediate action, and assess the potential impact of their decisions on client, regulatory, and business obligations.

With the right information in the right context at the right time, operations teams have the insight they need to proactively reduce risk, improve the customer experience, satisfy regulatory requirements and meet SLAs.

Axway Decision Insight can be deployed on commodity hardware, and installed and accessed via a web browser in less than two minutes.

Axway Decision Insight Key Capabilities

Give business users the information they need to meet individual, group and corporate objectives

Axway Decision Insight delivers:

  • Actionable information: Personalized information is delivered at the correct time and with the context required to take action.
  • Situational awareness: By analyzing and correlating data within a defined operational context, Decision Insight enables specific stakeholders to recognize a situation that requires attention.
  • Predictive insight: Based on past performance, Decision Insight assesses the risk of missing time-based objectives such as SLA and deadlines. Operational managers can use the assessments to accurately set new performance objectives and resource allocations.

Tailor information to address each stakeholder’s specific objectives and concerns

Business operators, operations management, and executives can tailor the information they see in Decision Insight dashboards and alerts, and view the results of their business decisions in real-time. Because actionable intelligence is customized for each user profile, it allows the business and individual to evolve together as needs change.

Gain single-pane, end-to-end visibility into operational performance

Through seamless integration with Apache Camel, Decision Insight provides hundreds of preconfigured adapters (including database, logs, MQ, JMS and XML) for collecting business-process data from multiple sources. These adapters are agent-less and bi-directional (push and pull), which means they do not impact production systems.

Decision Insight provides an accurate top-down view of key performance indicators across products, channels and customers, regardless of technology and organizational silos. This exception-driven single-pane view provides an easy-to-understand picture of overall operational health, with the ability to drill down for detailed information. 

Accelerate time to value with code-free flexibility

Because Decision Insight is a completely configurable platform (code-free), you can deploy solutions in a matter of days to create a production-ready environment that supports continuous incremental improvements to business-critical applications. New functionality is also configured, not coded, eliminating the need for traditional redesign and redevelopment cycles.

Business users can quickly create their own customized operational intelligence dashboards. And they can quickly adapt to changing business conditions, new regulatory and reporting requirements and organizational changes by updating their dashboards and seeing the results of their modifications immediately, in real-time, with production data. 

Use time-based operational analytics to understand past, present and future performance

An embedded active temporal engine with bi-temporal indexing, temporal analytics, and a temporal data structure provides the time-based visibility users need to understand what is happening now, what occurred in the past, and what could potentially happen in the future. By navigating naturally in the time continuum, they can discover and understand precursory signs of danger based on historical information.

Typical user scenarios include:

  • Replay of past situations with exactly the same information as when they occurred live
  • Investigation for audit and traceability to provide:
    • In-depth analysis of a situation that occurred in the past, including what happened, when it happened and why specific actions were taken
    • On-demand simulations of the evolution of past situations
    • Comparison of the evolution over time of two situations in parallel, such as present time and yesterday at this same time
  • Risk-assessment evaluations based on past events and data or forecasted events and data

Focus on simplicity

Axway Decision Insight is completely self-contained, written in 100% Java, and architected to process, store and analyze large volumes of data. It requires no additional software, and runs on commodity hardware and a variety of operating systems including UNIX, Linux and Windows.

The Decision Insight platform is completely configurable, eliminating the need for lengthy development and testing cycles associated with traditional programming environments.

The single user interface for all business users can be installed and accessed via a web browser in less than two minutes. 

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