Data Sheet: AMPLIFY™ API Builder Standalone

Build, assemble, and deploy APIs and microservices

API Builder Standalone is a developer tool to rapidly create APIs and microservices. With a powerful opinionated framework for building APIs and a point-and-click technology, API Builder Standalone enables users to build APIs and integrate data across diverse data sources. It can be installed and run in a containerized environment on-premise.

Key benefits

  • Creates API and microservices rapidly and consistently with a low-code/no-code configuration
  • Simplifies orchestration and mediation of your APIs and microservices with visual orchestration ability to create custom reusable nodes
  • Connects faster to your enterprise and cloud services to expose their value; use out-of-the-box connectors or create your own
  • Independently deployable solution replaces monolithic deployments with a containerized environment
  • Increases speed and frequency of deployments with a containerized and independently deployable solution
  • Independently scalable solution removes the pain of scaling for each API
  • Powerful opinionated framework gives your developers common ground and answers common architectural questions enabling faster delivery and easier maintenance

Key features

API Builder Standalone is a low-code/no-code approach to building APIs and Microservices based on node.js/express

  • Design your APIs using a model-first approach or API-first approach
  • Orchestrate and mediate to add value to an existing API or create new APIs
  • Library of connectors available free, opensource, and enterprise grade that allow you to read and write data to and from an external data source, such as MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle 12g DB, or in server memory
  • Bake docker containers to deploy in any containerized platform
  • A rich graphical editor to create flows and implement the business logic of your API, autocomplete for parameters, displaying connector versions in UI and clearer trace messaging
  • Swagger-generated flow node creator; build a connector leveraging any swagger document

Solution overview

API Builder Standalone enables you to rapidly create microservices or APIs accessing enterprise resources on-premises

or in the cloud. It enables you to quickly orchestrate and mediate APIs to target new channels or devices and independently scale and version them. API Builder Standalone puts the power in your hands by letting you deploy your APIs and microservices to your own private cloud no matter where it is running — on premises, in AWS, Azure, or others.

You will have several different types of APIs and microservices in your company, each serving a particular purpose in a specific layer within the architecture. API Builder Standalone enables you to optimize the APIs in each layer of your enterprise enabling the various degrees of technical know-how within your organization, from the very-technical to the technical-savvy user.

Layers of services/APIs in your architecture

Multi-grained inner API and microservice layer

Create a dynamic service mesh with API and microservices at varying degrees of granularity to unlock the data trapped in your organization and mesh it up to deliver new business value.

API mediation and orchestration layer

Break apart the monolith and mobilize your mediations by creating and deploying them as independently scalable microservices.

Edge APIs

Expose APIs built with API Builder to your external and internal channels and protect them with AMPLIFY API Management.

AMPLIFY API Management

AMPLIFY API Management is a hybrid API lifecycle management solution that powers the digital business value chain. It provides a low-code/no-code rapid API creation tool, a governance layer to secure APIs and manage their lifecycles, a self-service developer portal to drive API adoption, and embedded analytics to identify abnormal situations and usage trends.

AMPLIFY API Builder Standalone is a part of this solution that helps enterprises accelerate API and microservices development with a low-code/no-code approach supporting both API-first and data-first patterns.

API Builder Connectors

API Builder Standalone