Axway Industry Solutions for Lean Supply Chains

As a manufacturer, you live in a complex ecosystem of component suppliers, distributors, third-party logistics companies, retailers, and group purchasing organizations where information gaps can result in unpredictable demand, lost sales opportunities, product launch issues, and higher rebate costs.

Without the technology and resources to effectively manage and analyze what is happening in your trading community, how can you gain a clear view into critical issues that affect your supply chain performance and profitability?

By empowering you to see, orchestrate, and react to events in your supply chain as they happen, Axway solutions make it easier for manufacturers to control the logistics of moving goods from plant to retail shelves. With end-to-end, real-time visibility and control over transactions right down to the data level, you can reduce stock-outs, avoid excess inventory, and lower transaction costs while also protecting against data loss, diversion and fraud, regulatory violations, and product quality and safety failures.

Transaction intelligence for improved order-to-cash and SLA compliance

From the time an order is initiated until payment is reconciled, Axway provides visibility into transactional data as it flows throughout your trading network. You can see what is happening with each trading partner, which invoices aren’t being paid, and where data isn’t matching physical reality. And, you can aggregate intelligence up from the transaction level to get a complete picture of the enterprise, giving you the fastest, most secure way to synchronize your supply network, reduce costly administrative errors and SLA penalties, and detect and correct issues before they become big, expensive problems.

Automated partner provisioning for fast, easy on-boarding

Axway solutions are designed to help you rapidly establish and easily manage connections within your organization, and with your community of external suppliers, distributors, and partners. From last-mile partner endpoints to your back-end accounting system nodes, Axway can help you create branded B2B trading communities that replace VANs and VPNs, require little or no configuration, deploy in just minutes, and have minimal management requirements.

Simplified compliance with AS2 and other industry mandates

As the starting point of the supply chain, you have to be first on board with emerging industry mandates like AS2. Axway makes it easy to prepare for impending requirements with robust MFT and B2B solutions for plug-and-play integration of data exchanges, both within your organization and with your trading community of external partners, suppliers, distributors, and customers. When your retailers move to AS2, you’ll be ready.

Supply-side analytics for optimized partner management

Axway InSight helps you visualize, analyze, and quickly act on order trends and inventory imbalances in real time, giving you the insight you need to efficiently manage agreements with your supply chain partners. With key supply-side analytics at hand, national account executives and trade directors have the details they need to drive additional sales by matching inventory to demand, proactively monitoring chargebacks/returns, and more accurately forecasting revenues.

Track and trace for a safer supply chain

Axway Track & Trace provides end-to-end transparency and product authentication services across even the most complex supply chains, including cold chains. Based on an open GS1 standards-based framework, Track & Trace facilitates flexible and efficient information sharing between trading partners along your extended collaborative supply chain, enabling you to optimize all of your track and trace initiatives, including diversion detection, global regulatory compliance, anti-counterfeiting, and serialization.

Policy-based protection against data loss, security breaches, and non-compliance

Axway email security solutions allow you to set policies that analyze the content of files and email messages (and their attachments) to protect against data loss, security breaches, and regulatory violations. You can automatically identify a wide range of sensitive information, financial data, customer and personnel data, and intellectual property and trade secrets, and reduce the risk of data breach through powerful Data Loss Prevention capabilities.

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