“We already have Axway solutions on site, and they work quite well. For us, Axway was the logical choice.”


to allow for transaction growth


transactions due to monitoring system


transactions processed monthly

Case study details

Given its vital role in the French legal system, ADEC requires 24/7 availability for its communications system. Its service provider, however, was unable to handle the volume of transactions involved, and system crashes were a frequent occurrence.

ADEC needed to boost capacity, ensure reliability, control costs, and improve security in its role as intermediary for all electronic communications between France’s bailiffs and its financial and governmental partners.

  • Increased capacity to absorb a higher volume of transactions
  • Greater autonomy, achieved by internalizing the software and personnel needed for its core business activity
  • Improved cost-effectiveness, by eliminating the need for managed services
  • Improved reliability, stability, and security, through comprehensive monitoring of system processes