"One of the key advantages of Axway’s solution was the ability to rapidly deploy a lean pilot. We could have a proof of concept in a matter of days."


operational risk


through fine-grained analyses of processes


in to the order fulfillment process

Case study details

A major French retail chain, Monoprix serves 800,000 customers each day, offering some 30,000 products including groceries, clothing, household items, hardware and gifts. In addition to its new e-commerce site, Monoprix has more than 500 stores in France and over 90 worldwide. The retailer also opens five new stores every week. With 21,000 employees, Monoprix had a turnover of €4.2 billion in 2014

Monoprix needed end-to-end visibility across its outbound logistics supply chain to ensure reliable order fulfillment and timely store replenishment.

• Reduced operational risk, ensuring that orders aren’t lost, delivery deadlines aren’t missed, and stores aren’t out of stock

• Process optimization through fine-grained analyses of processes to identify which orders take too long

• End-to-end visibility over the order fulfillment process, with predictive analytics, so warnings can be issued about problems that will occur unless action is taken

• Enhanced customer experience, both for in-store customers who can always find their favorite products, and for online customers who can obtain real-time information about their order