"In close collaboration with Axway, Livelo has redesigned its entire integration model from the ground up — freeing us to continue our fastpaced growth and bring loyalty program rewards to millions of new customers across Brazil."

8.5M API

calls per day 


time-to-market for new data-driven services


omnichannel experiences for program customers

Case study details

Founded in 2014, Livelo is one of Brazil’s leading providers of customer loyalty program services. Consumers can sign up for Livelo rewards with more than 340 partner companies and use the points they earn to exchange for over 800,000 different products and services — from retail goods to dining experiences.

Livelo partners with more than 340 companies to bring exclusive rewards to over 20 million consumers across Brazil. With its loyalty program growing exponentially, how can Livelo ensure that its mission-critical trading partner integrations are always available?

• Delivers high availability for 8.5 million API calls per day

• Cuts time-to-market for new data-driven services

• Offers seamless omnichannel experiences for loyalty program customers