Axway Customer Advocacy Program

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Join a program that enables you to grow your market presence, your personal brand, and your Axway relationship.

Gain positive exposure for your business and technology successes and innovations—in the public eye and within your organization—by participating in Axway reference activities. These activities position you as an industry leader, and include networking opportunities through private discussions with peer companies, non-disclosure analyst briefings, meetings with Axway experts and a variety of public marketing forums

Let us help you showcase your success and build your personal and organizational brand.

User Groups are for practitioners to share best practices, foster peer relationships and enhance technical expertise. User Group meetings are both hosted by other customers, as well as performed virtually.  We have active User Groups for SecureTransport, B2Bi/Gateway Interchange and API Gateway/Management in specific countries and the program may be expanded to other Axway products and regions over time. 

Please click here for the current User Group schedule.    

In addition, the online Community Forums complement the User Group meetings by providing on demand access to the user community, Axway product experts and best practice/’how to’ content.

For more information about joining the User Groups and Community Forums, please contact us at

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