Axway VRS, powered by Axway’s market leading AMPLIFY API Management solution and Axway Decision Insight, provides a highly interoperable solution to exchange automated product verification requests and responses. The ability of Axway VRS to seamlessly map and transform data into the expected format and context required by participating systems in the trading partner network ensures interoperability with your existing infrastructure and the VRS ecosystem.




Axway VRS Solution Highlights

  • Regulatory Compliance

Respond to requests from wholesaler distributors for product verification concerning product intended for resale as per the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) § 582(c)(4)(D). ‘Verification’ means confirming the product identifier imprinted upon a package corresponds to the Standardized Numerical Identifier (SNI) assigned by the manufacturer or repackager.

  • GTIN
  • Serial Number
  • Lot / Batch Number
  • Expiration Date


  • Interoperable

The Axway VRS solution is interoperable with the Axway’s Track & Track Solution or any serialization solution regardless of whether it is in the cloud or on-premise. Our Open-API based VRS solution will work with any solution providers using the GS1 VRS guidelines. We can configure integrations with minimal effort and no hardcoding, allowing you to keep your current solutions as they are and be able to take advantage of this service immediately. With configuration templates, and security and compliance policies delivered out of the box your set up time and costs are minimized. And as your demand changes, we can too with our auto-scaling cloud service. 

  • Security

We provide extensive security policy management and scalability. Our flexible security polices will protect your backend repository and services from security attacks and threats and can also support quality of service with quota, throttling and requestor controls. Full logging and reporting are provided out of the box. As in all our solutions, the security policies are flexible, and we can work with you to optimize the policies for your business and security needs. Axway’s strength in managing certificates, secure connections and APIs in pharmaceutical distribution is unsurpassed. 

  • Operational Intelligence

User-friendly dashboards powered by Axway Decision Insight provide operational intelligence and transparency. Full reporting on requestors and verification responses by type and volume. Standard dashboards include business insights such as the top requestors by total count and those with the highest total number of negative verifications. Automatic alerts with email notifications can be implemented as required.


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