White Paper: Are you ready for DSCSA/DQSA and other global regulations?

5 steps to implementing successful traceability and interoperability for your pharma or medical device supply chain

Stringent regulations for pharmaceuticals and medical devices (including U.S. DSCSA/DQSA, Brazil Anvisa RDC-54, India DGFT, China SFDA DMF, EU FMD and U.S. FDAMA) require organizations to track product movement from the manufacturer to the pharmacy, and trace financial and physical chains of custody from the pharmacy back to the manufacturer. The right traceability solution will both ensure compliance and deliver long-term benefits such as efficiency, cost savings, and track-and-trace capabilities for anti-counterfeiting, recall management and other critical processes.

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • Pertinent global regulatory deadlines
  • 5 steps to implementing a compliance strategy
  • How implementation of a compliance strategy will ensure long-term business benefits

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