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Securing enterprise collaboration through email and file sharing on a unified platform

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Email is the primary collaboration tool employees use to share information and send large files. As the volume of email flowing into your enterprise network increases, so does the threat of unsolicited and potentially malicious intrusions. At the same time, as your employees rely more heavily on email for official business communications and data exchange, the risk of proprietary files, intellectual property, and sensitive information leaking out also grows. Today more than ever, IT managers need to deploy secure collaboration tools to protect the organization’s valuable assets and comply with corporate policies, while at the same time empowering employees to get their jobs done in and out of the office and via mobile devices.

Axway MailGate SC stands guard at the Internet gateway, preventing potentially damaging messages and attachments from entering your network, and ensuring that sensitive information doesn’t exit accidentally or unsecured. Combining network protection, policy-based content filtering, and automated encryption in a single, integrated solution, MailGate SC protects your email network inside and out, reducing administrative headaches, infrastructure costs, and the liabilities associated with unsecured and unmanaged communications.

Key Features and Benefits


Inbound threat protection

Reduce network congestion and enhance employee productivity with virus protection, anti-spam filtering, and defense against dark traffic

  • Detect and eliminate viruses and other forms of malware/crimware before they can wreak havoc on your network ƒƒ
  • Block more than 99% of unwanted email (spam) that saps employee productivity, strains network and IT resources, and creates potential legal liabilities ƒƒ
  • Fend off distributed botnet attacks with Intelligent Edge Defense capabilities that kill up to 90% of dark email traffic at the gateway

Outbound and inbound message security and data loss prevention (DLP)

Universally enforce policies that protect confidential information and intellectual property, and ensure compliance with government regulations and corporate policies

  • Prevent data loss and leakage with automated content filtering, policy enforcement, and gateway-to-gateway encryption
  • Define and enforce policies based on content, users, recipients, and attachments that automatically trigger protective actions (including blocking, re-routing, and automatically encrypting messages) when a violation occurs
  • Convert MS Office attachments into password-protected, locked, and watermarked PDF files to preserve document integrity
  • Decrypt and inspect for policy enforcement any S/MIME-encrypted email
  • Use financial services, healthcare, and other custom lexicons and filters to identify sensitive, inappropriate, and proprietary information before it leaves your network
  • Validate digital signatures using the Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP), and enforce policy on digitally signed messages

Enterprise-grade capabilities

MailGate SC supports comprehensive email security infrastructures for large enterprises

  • An award-winning integrated administration dashboard, easy-to-implement clustering, and seamless integration into any environment means you can have MailGate SC up and running quickly ƒƒ
  • Support for enterprise multi-tenancy allows you to apply different policies to different business units/departments with a single MailGate SC installation, reducing deployment and maintenance costs ƒƒ
  • Support for IPv6 protects your investment as the public and private sectors move to adopt the new protocol

Email Encryption and Secure Folder Sharing

  • Deliver secure email to anyone, and provide a controlled environment where users can easily share files and folders within and outside an organization while still complying with corporate policy and data security requirements
  • Email encryption options include TLS, S/MIME and Axway’s send-to-anyone technology, Secure Mailbox

Comprehensive, Flexible, and Easy-to-Manage Email Security

Axway MailGate SC provides multiple tiers of security that can be used individually or in combination to block threats at the DMZ and within the enterprise network, and secure inbound and outbound email traffic at the content and network levels. MailGate SC can seamlessly plug-and-play with your existing architecture with no browser or operating system dependencies, giving you the flexibility to add new levels of security as your needs change — without making changes to your enterprise systems, applications, protocols, or end-user workflows.

Centralized Email Security Management

  • Centralized management means you can have MailGate SC up and running quickly, processing close to two million messages per hour ƒƒ
  • A powerful management dashboard provides real-time visibility into email traffic, network attacks, spam statistics, message queues, content filtering, and more — even across multiple appliances or virtual environments ƒƒ
  • Automated report generation, data export for custom reporting, and advanced message tracking save time and improve visibility


  • MailGate SC enables IT to secure email and file sharing on mobile devices, empowering employees to securely manage and access email and files from any location
  • Granting easy, secure message and file management from mobile devices supports adoption of BYOD policies across the workplace as a whole, which in turn fuels adoption of secure collaboration policies and keeps employees productive


  • Advanced Kaspersky and McAfee engines detect and strip viruses from all major file types, including mobile code and compressed file formats. ƒ
  • Automatic virus definition and engine updates provide uninterrupted virus scanning, maximizing uptime and accelerating deployment of cures. ƒ
  • Zero-hour protection quarantines suspicious messages and attachments in the critical early hours of a virus outbreak. ƒ
  • Granular antivirus policies can be defined and enforced around users, recipients, attachment types, and executables. ƒ
  • MailGate SC can communicate with any third party server.


  • Intelligent language-based technology recognizes spam like a human reader would, and prevents it from entering the network ƒƒ
  • Deploy enterprise-wide spam protection in 30 minutes or less to immediately eliminate more than 99% of spam — with a false-positive rate of only one in 100,000 ƒƒ
  • Configurable filters and automatic spam-definition updates meet your unique requirements

Intelligent Edge Defense

Advanced Clear Text Access

  • Security-sensitive organizations, such as government agencies, government contractors and vendors, can inspect incoming and outgoing S/MIME-encrypted messages without breaking the encryption, applying policy and routing messages accordingly ƒƒ
  • Proxy S/MIME enables MailGate SC to encrypt outbound messages from the gateway to the recipient’s desktop

Content Filtering

  • Scan and analyze email and shared file content and more than 300 types of attachments, including multiple levels of embedded archive files and hidden document text ƒƒ
  • Set up simple checkbox filters to identify personal and financial data, including Social Security or personal identification numbers, banking/trading (CUSIP), and credit/debit card numbersƒ
  • Use the financial services lexicon to scan for personal financial information, including statements, account numbers, PINs, and trade confirmationsƒƒ
  • Use the HIPAA lexicon to scan for PHI, including patient identifiers, medical diagnostics and procedures, drug names, and treatment phrases

Encryption and Secure Delivery

  • Define policies that automate gateway-to-gateway email encryption for any remote domain ƒƒ
  • Enforce TLS or S/MIME connections with remote domains, hostnames, partner sites, or IP addressesƒƒ
  • Receive automatic alerts on TLS attempts and failuresƒƒ
  • Deliver secure email to any recipient without the need for desktop software, using MailGate SC’s Secure Mailbox capability

Digital Rights Management

  • Convert sensitive Microsoft Office documents into password-protected PDF files. ƒ
  • Disable certain functions — such as copy/paste, print, and edit — to preserve the integrity of document content. ƒ
  • Include custom watermarks in PDFs. ƒ
  • Remove metadata and edit outbound messages to comply with corporate policy.

Secure Folder Sharing

  • Secure your business collaboration beyond email and attachments with DropZone™, an optional integrated secure file sharing feature, which enables registered users to securely share files and interact with other internal and external collaborators from their desktop, tablet, or smart phone. ƒ
  • Secure folders can be protected by policies set by the administrator to control the types of content shared with certain users. Content placed in secure folders is scanned for viruses and malware to prevent the spread of infected content through shared folders.

Unified Email and File Sharing Security

  • Deploy Axway MailGate SC on a hardened IPv6-supported Linux appliance which includes Axway Secure Messenger, a powerful desktop-to-desktop email encryption platform, to solve all of your email security issues with a comprehensive solution on one appliance. ƒ
  • License email hygiene, secure messaging, and file sharing separately or together. Enable all features at once, or over time as your needs change. ƒ
  • A single install wizard, single admin UI, and single end-user UI deliver enhanced ease-of-installation and ease-of-use. 

Advanced Integration & Solution Extensibility

A rich, RESTful API enables customers and solution providers to integrate the MailGate SC platform into enterprise portals and other applications, extending the capability and value of the solution to the enterprise.

High Availability/Disaster Recovery

  • Utilize disaster recovery capabilities to survive a data or server catastrophe with email intact. Backed-up data can be restored. ƒ
  • Use network-attached storage (NAS) to enable true application-based high availability, for seamless functionality in the event of system failure.

Radius Support

For highly secure environments, this login protocol for administrators connects to a deployed authentication server.

Hardware Security Module (HSM)

Store encryption keys off the MailGate platform, on a separate hardware appliance, to provide an extra layer of security.

Delivery Options

  • Axway/Dell Appliance
  • Virtual VMware Appliance
  • Private Cloud

Available Protocols

  • Mobile Clients: Andorid, iOS

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