Success Story: Anthem

  • Headquarters

    Indianapolis, IN USA
  • Industry

  • Challenge

    • Disparate B2B Gateways
    • Long partner onboarding cycles and time-to-revenue
    • Lack of visibility and missed SLAs
  • Solution

  • Results

    • Accelerated partner onboarding
    • 99.99% system availability
    • Eliminated 200 man-hours of cost per month

Company Profile

  • Health insurance benefit plan provider in the United States
  • Over 37 million people are covered with Anthem health plans
  • $70B in operating revenue
  • 48K employees

WellPoint (now Anthem): Unifying B2B Integration



Anthem’s Government Business Division was faced with several infrastructure challenges in supporting business process integration with its partners and customers (B2B integration). Most specifically, Anthem had multiple, disparate B2B integration gateways to support different business transaction types or internal business customers, resulting in:

  • Increasing cost of ownership
  • High risk of system unavailability and recoverability
  • Limited business process visibility and SLA performance monitoring
  • A complicated partner/customer onboarding process that delayed time-to-revenue


To address these challenges, Anthem’s Government Business Division centralized its B2B process integration using Axway B2Bi. The new system handles all of the inbound and outbound transaction exchanges across Anthem’s Government Business Division ecosystem of over 500 partners and customers. The new system is designed as a multi-node cluster to ensure an “always on” infrastructure for these critical business transactions. Additionally, Axway Sentinel provides a single transaction repository and visibility service for the business.


Anthem has enjoyed a number of benefits as a result of its new, centralized B2B integration system, including:

  • Removing over 200 development man-hours of cost
  • Accelerated time to market and partner onboarding by 20x
  • Achieved over 99.99% system uptime, ensuring that critical business data is reliably exchanged
  • Centralized visibility of B2B transactions in order to reduce issue resolution cycles and ensure SLA compliance, thereby avoiding financial penalties and ensuring customer satisfaction

“Our objective has been to ensure customer satisfaction and delight with B2B trading exchanges.”


Looking to lower risks, costs, and meet SLAs?