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.@mjasay discusses why your #BigData strategy is a bust:
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5 ways #APImanagement impacts daily life: via @BetaNews


August 27, 2015
PHOENIX – August 27, 2015 – Organizations today seeking digital transformation face significant technical challenges including security, compliance to service level agreements and the ability to deliver new digital services as quickly as the market demands.
August 25, 2015
PHOENIX – August 25, 2015 – Healthcare organizations today face increasing challenges with automating, integrating and securing the exchange of protected health information (PHI) throughout the healthcare ecosystem, all while improving the quality of care and containing rising costs.
August 12, 2015
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September 4, 2015 | By Mark Skoog
Axway’s Mark O’Neill presented case studies on APIs and how businesses can successfully implement APIs; FierceFinanceIT published a piece on HSBC’s payment process failure, which included a quote from Clay Cowdery on the Finextra study; CIO highlighted how the cloud can simplify data integration; IT Business Edge presented five recommendations on securing the Internet of Things; InformationWeek discussed the role employees have when it comes to a true digital organization.
September 2, 2015 | By Mark O'Neill
When organizations make the choice to put a digital platform in place, a discussion on Microservices is never far behind. By putting a Microservices layer in place, an organization creates the springboard to launch into the digital future, whether that involves apps, rich Web clients, or IoT devices such as in-store beacons. Individual Microservices, or orchestrated groups of Microservices, serve as the foundation for this innovation.
August 27, 2015 | By Rob Meyer
Axway and SmartBear recently announced integration between Axway 5 Suite for API Management, and SmartBear Ready! API, which helps perform and automate functional, load, performance testing, and even monitor service performance levels.  But why was it so important?  The reason is that without testing automation, you can’t govern the DevOps process.

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